Beyond-Human, Sci-Fi Platformer Is Like A Vanquish Metroidvania

Domino99’s Beyond-Human is a sci-fi, hack-and-slash platforming Metroidvania title that takes a lot of the cool elements from Platinum Games’ Vanquish and manages to combine them with the challenge and difficulty of Castlevania games but with the exploration and emergent gameplay featured in Super Metroid.

The game is currently seeking funds over on Kickstarter, and they’re looking for $29.603 to bring the game to life. They still have 34 days on the counter as of the writing of this article, but they managed 107 backers so far who have contributed $2,080.

There’s a minute long pitch trailer over on the Kickstarter page that will surely entice plenty of gamers and give them a good idea as to what the developers are attempting to do with the game and its gameplay. Check it out below.

The gameplay revolves around mixing and matching weapon-based projectile fire with hack-and-slash melee attacks. Players will be required to time their strikes, dodge incoming enemy attacks, and fire off enough rounds to put them down for good, sort of like common sense in Regressive Leftist ideology.

The weapons aren’t just static, though. There will be six main weapons that can be acquired after defeating a boss, and they have three directional moves and a special move each, along with the ability to be modded using a variety of 20 different weapon mods.


They have plans on including six different bosses, six different locations to explore, and 12 mini-boss to face off against.

The team have contracted Ziminusone to score the soundtrack for Beyond-Human, and you can listen to a few of the tracks below.

That’s a pretty high-octane soundtrack for a sprite-based game. If the action is as fast-paced as the music (and it appears to be based on the trailer), then this could literally be the side-scrolling, sprite-based equivalent of Vanquish.

Even if Beyond-Human manages to hit its Kickstarter goal, it’s a long ways off from release. They don’t expect to have the title wrapped up and ready for release until January 2019.

The game will feature a story mode, and if they hit their stretch goals potentially a boss rush mode, and maybe a second story mode featuring the character Eva.

They’re currently gunning for a release on Steam and for PC, along with a PlayStation Vita release and a PS4 release.

If you think the game has potential or you want to learn more, feel free to visit the Kickstarter page.


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