Biomutant Video Reveals Mechs, Airships, Customization And Killer Hands
Biomutant - Mech

There’s about 15 minutes worth of gameplay that has surfaced for the interesting new, post-apocalyptic, anthropomorphic action game, Biomutant. The gameplay has surfaced from a live demonstration that took place at this past year’s GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany.

IGN was privileged enough to capture the footage and uploaded it to their YouTube channel, which you can check out below.

Stefan Ljungqvist from Experiment 101 talked about the game and how you can alter the characters ying-yang settings, where players will be able to make some choices in how their character develops.

The game is described as a post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable, which mixes melee fighting with projectile-based combat. Face buttons perform melee attacks, while the triggers and bumpers fire projectiles.

You can mix and match the button combinations to create a all new combos and attacks.

At the start of the game players can create their own character using a fairly deep visual character creation utility.

Biomutant - Character Creation

The creation isn’t just based on looks, though. Changing your size and look also affects your stats, including your speed and strength.

The video reveals that the game utilizes basic RPG loops; you’ll fight enemies, search through dungeons to acquire loot, upgrade your character and discover new parts of the game world.

Ljungqvist reveals that you’ll need to interact with certain characters to unlock new opportunities, such as an inventor who will allow you to access things like a customizable mech or a flying airship.

We see that later on in the video there is a jetski, and the ability to venture into some unique areas of Biomutant’s game world. There’s even a mechanized hand you can commandeer and use it both as a means of transportation and as a weapon. It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in a game.

It looks like a very creative, open-world, hack-and-slash, combat based role-playing game. Hopefully it lives up to its potential when it releases in 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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