Brawlout Coming To Nintendo Switch, Adds Hyper Light Drifter To Roster
Brawlout Nintendo Switch

Angry Mob Games announced that Brawlout is set to arrive soon on the Nintendo Switch, along with a release on the PS4 and Xbox One. The developers made the announcement as they’ve recently updated the game on Steam to include Heart Machine’s protagonist from Hyper Light Drifter.

Bogdan Iliesiu, CEO of Angry Mob Games, explained how and why the Drifter made the cut for Brawlout’s roster, writing in the press release that he was one of the first characters that came to mind as they continue to expand the roster, add new characters and expand the horizons for the multiplayer fighting game…

“We love indie games; one of the first, and most iconic, characters that came to mind was Hyper Light Drifter,”


“He fit into the Brawlout universe perfectly, as he is already built for the type of battle we see in the game. We collaborated closely with Heart Machine to make sure The Drifter remained true to the original, working in his iconic light sword and making his signature dash a character specific move. The Drifter brings a more technical style of combat to Brawlout, with tons of movement options and both defensive and offensive play, that we think he’s going to become a staple for those looking for a competitive edge.”


I love that Iliesiu doesn’t just spend the quote propping up the games, but actually explains why the Drifter is a good fight for the roster and how it affects the play-styles gamers are accustomed to from Brawlout.

The press release isn’t just filled with words from top to bottom. Angry Mob Games knows that gaming is a visual medium, and it’s all about putting up and shutting up. Hence, you can check out the new trailer that the developers put out for Brawlout featuring the Drifter in action, unleashing combos and using his signature sword to dish out some mean damage.

Typically, the Drifter fights like Marth or Link from the Super Smash Bros. series. Speaking of which, a lot of people have been thoroughly excited about the possibilities of Brawlout and are hoping that Angry Mob Games can add in more indie characters, such as Shantae and Shovel Knight as well. Heck, Yooka and Laylee joining the mix along with a few other characters could really help fill out the roster and the interest in the game real fast!

Gameplay wise Brawlout looks fun enough. The stages are kind of generic – no scratch that, the stages are extremely generic. However, with a few new stages, a more expansive roster, and a few popular characters from other indie titles, and I could easily see this game becoming a sleeper hit when it launches in late 2017.

In celebration of this news, Angry Mob Games has a 50% discount on Brawlout over on the Steam store page. It’s still in Early Access at the moment, but will likely graduate when it arrives on home consoles.


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