Capcom Reportedly Issues DMCAs Over Paid Street Fighter 5 Mods
Street Fighter Mods
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)

Modders requesting payment for their work on Street Fighter V content have reportedly been issued DMCA takedown notices from Capcom.

Eventhubs is reporting that a few prominent Street Fighter V modders who have been receiving donations for mod creations have supposedly received DMCA takedown notices from Capcom regarding some of their paid mods containing copyrighted material.

Khaledantar666 posted up a message explaining how he was ceasing activity on his Patreon page. He had been working on mods for a variety of Capcom games since 2009, but if you check his page now it’s empty save for the people he follows. Part of the message read…

“The DMCA notice was issued because Capcom is stating that we (modders) are using copyrighted materials to make our mods and earn something from our work”

The message is no longer available on his page, but you can still filter through his comments to find some of his work still available, such as his Laura cosplaying as Mileena and Jade from Mortal Kombat.

EventHubs also mentioned that other mod authors receiving paid donations from the community, such as BrutalAce, also briefly closed up shop. In a message posted on August 2nd, 2017, he mentions that he’s no longer taking donations, and that there were “lies” and “misconceptions” being spread about them on the Reddit communities for Street Fighter V modding.

Most surprising was that BrutalAce and Khaled were banned from the Zetaboards over the “paid mods” situation, where he explains in a post…

“Another reason why I am taking this drastic step is because I also got banned from Zetaboards by a so called admin who remained inactive for years with nothing done for the community and now he came out of nowhere and banned me and Khaled for creating “Paid” mods. That idiot didn’t even bothered discussing with us about what’s going on or what’s our side of the story, when we were the ones who contributed to his modding group for years, easy way to earn cheap respect I say.”

Surprisingly TerryXX has not been hit with any DMCA notices, not as far as his posts are concerned. His paid mods are still available for Street Fighter V. So technically it could have been Capcom attempting to crackdown on modders receiving funds for mods based on certain kinds of copyrighted material, perhaps those related to Marvel or Nintendo properties?

If Capcom is really serious about cracking down on certain kinds of copyrighted material, you might want to get your hands on the Zero Suit Samus mod before it’s wiped off the net for good due to a DMCA claim.

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  • RichardGristle

    This whole thing is a complete shitstorm. I don’t think Capcom is in the wrong legally speaking, but it’s shitty that one of the few reasons to boot up SF5 is gone.

  • If you had to purchase the copyrighted mods directly, I would agree with Capcom’s decision. However, if their income is from Patreon, I don’t think it counts, necessarily.

    • TBill

      Depends. If the paid mods are gated behind a Patreon tier, then it is a violation of IP law. If it is a case of “I create, please donate to show support,” then you are right.

      • Some of the mods were gated, others were more like “If enough of you pay me I’ll release it for you”.

        • Reven

          That falls under “paying for copyrighted work” in my book. If any money needs to be paid for a mod containing like… Samus… for SF5 to be released, that’s violation, but then again I’m no legal expert.

  • s_fnx

    I think Capcom is right in this case. I mean if you’re creating mods and asking money for it you still wanna use copyrighted content from other games?

    At least they’re not going against free mods like the assholes from Take-Two.

    • Daniel Ream

      They’re both illegal and immoral in exactly the same way. About the only difference is how much Capcom can demand in damages.

      • Version_8

        WTF? What are you smoking and can I have some?

    • Shadowed Heart

      Agreed, at first I got triggered over seeing “DMCAs” but then I thought “good”.