Castle Story Guide: Here’s How To Build A Castle And Army

Castle Story is a RTS game where you build castles, armies, and other defenses to ward off dangerous creatures known as Corruptrons. If you happen to be looking for a guide, hopefully this one will help you to gather resources, build castles, and maintain soldiers better.

Sauropod Studio’s Castle Story has you over Bricktrons, a group of little working minions. If your defenses aren’t up to par or well placed, enemy forces will destroy your Bricktrons rendering your efforts obsolete. This guide will teach you how to gather resources, build up proper defenses, and prepare a proper army to face any threat.


To get things done in Castle Story you must set a task, which is found at the bottom left corner of the screen as a plus sign. To gather something like resources to build up a proper defense you must place a wood task in a wooded area — same goes for other materials.

The next step is to initiate the action by clicking on the check-mark at the bottom left-hand of the screen. To create different structures and defenses you must open the task menu and select what kind of action you want to be done. The act of gathering resources can be seen through a visual guide thanks to Sauropod Studio.


Upon selecting the build task you will see a section that slides out on the left-side of the screen that enables you to start building a defensive structure. Bricks, logs, planks and/or other materials will be integral to building walls, stairs, overhangs, doors and other castle pieces. If you happen to run out of materials and don’t know what it takes to build something, simply click the bubble hovering over an item you want to build and the resource(s) will appear in the bubble.

The second video showcasing the above is up for your viewing pleasure.

Crafting & Soldiers

Crafting and maintaining soldiers are two important things, without them your home crystal is vulnerable to any attack. Many other essential tools and other means to survive can be found below in the last video guide.

Castle Story is available right now for PC via Steam. The game runs for $24.99 and can be further investigated thanks to its official wikia page.


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