ChromaGun, First-Person Puzzler Available For Download On Steam, PS4, Xbox One
ChromaGun Now Available

Pixel Maniacs’ colorful, first-person puzzler, ChromaGun, is currently available for digital download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC. The game carries a simple $12.99 price tag and is like a mix of AntiChamber and Colortone fused together.

The game puts you in the role of a tester at the Chromatec Labs. While the inspiration of Portal is definitely there, it’s also a lot more lighthearted than Valve’s comically dark first-person puzzle title.

You basically have to enter chambers, complete the puzzles and then exit the chambers. Sounds easy right? Well, the success (or failure) of each puzzle relies on your ability to utilize Chromatec’s ChromaGun, a color-coordination device that you will use to colorize walls, droids and other objects in order to proceed through each test chamber. As the game progresses, each chamber becomes increasingly difficult, challenging both your mind and your reflexes.

Obviously, attempting to describe a game like this in simple words isn’t always viable for getting the point across, but thankfully there is a brief Let’s Play video to help give you a small taste of the early goings of the game, provided by PlayStationGrenade. Check it out below.

It’s pretty easy, at first, where you simply use the ChromaGun to move droids around the room, tethering them to walls. Further into the game you can use the ChromaGun to color mix and begin to mix and match colors. The addictive and subtractive color mixing revolves around three primary colors and up to six different sub-colors based on mixing.

The game isn’t quite as simple as it seems, and the test-lab aesthetic fused with the contrasting bright hues of the droids and the color-filled ChromaGun will likely appeal to the tastes of those looking for something a little less violent and a little more thought-provoking.

I’m a little shocked that the game is rated ‘T’ for Teen but maybe it gets more violent later on into the story?

Anyway, you can learn more about ChromaGun for PS4, Xbox One or PC by visiting the official website.


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