Comrade Detective Trailer Brings Back Classic 1980’s B-Movie Action
Comrade Detective

A spoof on the 1980’s action movie genre is coming back in the form of a multi-episode series set to air on Amazon Prime starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum. The project is called Comrade Detective, a Romanian detective series spouting the idealism behind nationalism and Communism.

The trailer for the series is hard to stop watching because it’s so bizarre. It starts with Channing Tatum getting all teary-eyed after reading a letter, and then having his Mexican man-servant pop the old VHS tape into the player.

The thing is, Channing Taum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt aren’t actually playing in the show, they’re just providing the English voice-over dubbing for the show. It looks and sounds ridiculous, but also has that sort of kung-fu classic charm to it where it knows not to take itself too seriously while also having a bit of fun with the whole over-the-top action movie-style motif. You can check out the trailer for the show below.

It reminds me of the French-Canadian flick Bon Cop Bad Cop, just with that 80’s era of excess thing going on.

Quality wise, the directing and cinematography actually looks like it comes from right out of 1983.

It’s hard to tell right now exactly how much of it will be played for laughs and how much of it will be played straight.

In a way, if there are too many hijinks then it can easily detract from the quality of the show. Too much screwball comedy will easily ruin what could end up being a pretty cool throwback to a bygone era. Plus, I can never get enough of synthwave.

You won’t have to wait long for Comrade Detective to make its way to a digital Amazon storefront near you. The show is scheduled to start streaming on August 4th this weekend.


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