Cuphead Gameplay Videos Show Boss Battles And Platforming
(Last Updated On: August 24, 2017)

Studio MDHR’s Cuphead has two new videos showing gameplay. The footage of the 2D platformer comes straight from Gamescom 2017 and a review video, revealing boss battles and platforming. Cuphead will release for PC and Xbox One on September 29th.

Cuphead has a lot of people wondering how the full game will be, and while there’s no doubt that the animations, coloring and art of Cuphead is astounding, will the gameplay match the hard work Studio MDHR poured into the graphical side of the 2D platformer?

Speculating will only get one so far until an action is made, and what we have here is a couple of videos showing actual gameplay as well as a preview video about Cuphead during Engadget’s trip to Gamescom 2017.

The first video showing familiar scenes comes in by Game Informer, while the second video showing some gameplay and detailing features in Cuphead comes in by Engadget.

One of the biggest gripes about this very game from other gamers is that platforming sections seem too easy and the fact that you have infinite lives when you die. According to the former and why it seems to be a problem to most people is that it doesn’t look challenging, while the latter issue revolves around no “gamer over” screen that makes you restart the whole game from scratch.

Given that we haven’t seen every platforming section in Cuphead, it does warrant one to be cautious when it comes to the gripes about the platforming parts being too easy. As for the infinite lives part, there may be a mode or setting at release that distributes lives to players, but while know for sure when September 29th rolls around.

Cuphead will debut for PC and Xbox One next month, however more information on this very game can be found over on

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