Dragon: Marked For Death, 4-Player Side-Scrolling RPG Coming Exclusively To Switch

Dragon Marked For Death

Inti Creates announced that Dragon: Marked For Death is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a side-scrolling, action-RPG for multiple players. The game is designed as an homage to some of Treasure, Vanillaware and Capcom’s classics, including Gunstar Heroes, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara and Odin Sphere.

The game sees players traveling through side-scrolling levels, fighting various minions and bosses using a variety of characters, including the standard mages, warriors and tricksters. Dragon: Marked For Death features support for up to four-players via either local or online play, but there’s a note in the trailer that the accessories required for multiplayer are sold separately, so it sounds like local play works via ad hoc as opposed to just plugging extra controllers into the machine.

You can check out the action for the hand-drawn side-scroller below, which looks like a classic sprite game designed for today’s generation of gamer.

The game seems to offer players the ability to pick and choose a play-style that best suits their gameplay preference. So if you enjoy classic side-scrolling hack-and-slash action, you can go with a warrior, or if you prefer lobbing elemental attacks from a distance you can go with a trickster. You can even use a witch if you prefer staying back and healing your teammates. There are also some classes in between that gives you a mix of both projectiles and standard melee attacks.

One interesting thing is that the player-character doesn’t seem to be able to see the health and stats of their teammates, so it looks like it will require some fair bit of communication when it comes time to buff or heal your party.

There will be 30 main quests to complete that you can tackle either solo or in multiplayer, and Dragon: Marked For Death is scheduled to release this winter, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Fans of Vanillaware titles will likely want to keep this one their radar.

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