Dual Gear Stretch Goal Set To Bring New Information

If you happen to be interested in mecha games and like turn-based strategy simulators, then you are in luck given that indie publisher and developer Orbital Speed Studio will announce something new regarding Dual Gear “tomorrow” due to a new stretch goal being reached. Dual Gear is set to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018.

Before jumping into what was announced as of recent regarding the tactical strategy mecha game, known as Dual Gear, below sits early gameplay footage showing the closed alpha build thanks to a post from the Dual Gear Game YouTube channel.

The game as seen above faced a delay on May 1st, where the devs addressed that Dual Gear will not come out in 2017 but sometime in 2018. While gamers patiently wait for 2018 to roll around, a playable demo is up and ready to be tested over on Steam. Following the somewhat old demo comes news on Twitter that since a stretch goal on Indiegogo has been broken something new will be detailed “tomorrow!”

This is rather good news for Dual Gear in that there hasn’t been anything major posted up about the game since June 25-26th. Additionally, the news about the stretch goal being broken means that there is a lot of interest in a turn-based tactical mecha game, standing as a good sign for the indie mecha project’s future.

Furthermore, a lot of fans are interested in what the mystery thing is seeing that there’s no description explaining what is to come. Likewise, information pertaining to the mystery update will likely be detailed when tomorrow or sometime this week. In the meantime, you can learn more information about this very game by heading on over to Steam or dualgeargame.com.

Lastly, information on how to sign-up and join the latest alpha/beta builds of Dual Gear can be found over on its Indiegogo page.


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