Dynasty Warriors 9 Reveals Gan Ning, Xu Zhu, Dong Zhuo, Dian Wei And Ling Tong

Koei Tecmo has updated its official website to show off the characters that will be present in Omega Force’s forthcoming Dynasty Warrior 9. The following characters they showcased includes Gan Ning, Xu Zhu, Dong Zhuo, Dian Wei and Ling Tong.

As newcomers and fans alike of the Dynasty Warriors series should know, the games have a lot of well known and lesser known figures throughout. Well, not every character slot has been filled in the upcoming open-world Dynasty Warriors 9, and Koei Tecmo has just released six more characters that shouldn’t come in as a surprise, but should be good news to many fans of the musou series.

For starters, Gan Ning who defected to Lui Biao and Huang Zu and later joined Wu, stands to be the latest addition in DW9. He fought in numerous battles, the most notable battle comes the Battle of Chibi. Following the inclusion of said short tempered figure comes Ling Tong, the agile and often sarcastic individual flaunts deep loyalty to his friends and family which drove him in battle, putting his name among the greatest warriors of Wu, even after Gan Ning killed his father Ling Cao.

Moving past Wu and looking over to Wei… the large frame Xu Zhu “Crazy Tiger” makes an unsurprising appearance as a playable warrior in Dynasty Warriors 9. He may have been carefree off the field, but when away from protecting Cao Cao, this warrior was known to go berserk against his counterparts on the field. Joining the ferocity of a Crazy Tiger comes the loyal and stalwart Dian Wei. Possessing a build like a giant, he too will be a playable character in Dynasty Warriors 9.

The partial son of an iconic and heroic figure, Guan Yu, comes Guan Ping — he joins the Shu faction. Originally the second son of Guan Ding of Hebei, Guan Ping became the adopted child of Guan Yu after his father witnessed the might of Guan Yu in a fatal encounter.

Dong Zhuo is another playable character in the game, labeled as a tyrant who is known as a notorious figure. Once a Prefect of Xiliang, he rose to power after being called by He Jin into Battle against the Imperial Eunuchs. After the chaos and the death of He Jin, Dong Zhuo quickly seized control through the young Emperor, using his powerful and feared adopted son, Lu Bu, he ruled with complete brutality, whilst inducing fear among the people.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is set to debut for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in the West. The Japanese version of Dynasty Warriors 9 will only be available for PS4. Additional information on this game can be found over on koeitecmoamerica.com.


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