EFF Says Google, Cloudflare Banning Daily Stormer Website Is Dangerous
Daily Stormer
(Last Updated On: August 19, 2017)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation may not have given #GamerGate a fair shake, but they seem to be willing to give the supremacist website The Daily Stormer an even hand after Google, Cloudflare, Russian domain hosts, and GoDaddy all opted to ban the Daily Stormer from their hosting services.

BBC picked up the news from a post over on the EFF’s website, where the free speech and open-internet advocate came to Daily Stormer’s defense against the wide-sweeping censorship being employed by the other hosting sites.

In an article published on August 17th, 2017, the EFF writes…

“Even for free speech advocates, this situation is deeply fraught with emotional, logistical, and legal twists and turns. All fair-minded people must stand against the hateful violence and aggression that seems to be growing across our country. But we must also recognize that on the Internet, any tactic used now to silence neo-Nazis will soon be used against others, including people whose opinions we agree with.”

Originally, The Daily Stormer penned an article attacking Heather Heyer, the woman who died during the Charlottesville, Virginia counter-protest when a car struck and killed her. Various organizations disagreed with the Daily Stormer piece that attacked Heyer. Hence, The Daily Stormer was denied hosting services by GoDaddy after Social Justice Warriors utilized a Twitter campaign to bombard GoDaddy, forcing them to act.

Shortly thereafter, The Daily Stormer was given 24 hours to move their website off of GoDaddy, and they did so, moving over to Google’s hosting. However, after further campaigning from Social Justice Warriors, Google also denied The Daily Stormer a place to call home.

As noted by the EFF, Cloudflare, which is used to protect websites against DDOS attacks also dropped them.

According to the EEF, this sort of blanket silencing from those who control so much online real estate is “dangerous”…

“We at EFF defend the right of anyone to choose what speech they provide online; platforms have a First Amendment right to decide what speech does and does not appear on their platforms. That’s what laws like CDA 230 in the United States enable and protect.


“But we strongly believe that what GoDaddy, Google, and Cloudflare did here was dangerous.“

It’s not even just American companies either. Russia’s own domain registrar providers have also opted not to deal with Daily Stormer, either, as reported by CNN.

EEF advocates for domain service providers and network infrastructure companies to further separate themselves from the actual content produced by publishers. EEF reminds these companies not to be swayed simply by the media and to “Have A Process, Don’t Act on the Headlines”.

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  • James

    “Have A Process, Don’t Act on the Headlines”.

    Imagine a world where this was standard practice. Everything would run so smoothly.

  • Mr.Towel

    You know, the Free Market of Ideas used to be something prized in the west.

    SJWs are fucking cancer.

  • Alistair

    The Quote “no govt and private companies can censored people free speech”

    Besides the term Nazi and Neo-Nazi are overused because if you not from the origin of the term you can’t be one. and of course it bloody obvious no one is Saying Neo-Nazi is Good because they not.

    They may put out hateful speech but come on love them or hate them they got the right to free speech. The same right that SJWs spill their bullshit into us gamers. And we got the right to call back their bullshit.

    Because isn’t it obvious that Antia use that right to harrash Sargon calling him “Shithead, human garbage” and nobody clamp down on her. She got the NA first admanent lucky for her.

    And surprise surprise the Website google doesn’t like got the same right like every one else.

    If people got a problem with things do not visit the site, do not like porn do not visit a porn site it really simple isn’t it.

    Long story short, everything is permitted, but the catch is for the authorities to show there is in deed intention of harm. Simple putting hurtful words on a site, in s game, a TV program, or anything else like verbal abuse like Antia did doesn’t mean foreboding malice.

    besides in the U.K. Billy Our crime figures are low the violent ones. Hmm I wonder why maybe just maybe they staying home to play good clean video games etc etc.

  • giygas

    The alt-left celebrates now, but they’re laying the groundwork for the very same to be done to themselves and everyone else in the future.

  • I have no association with The Daily Stormer, but I believe in free speech for everyone. They should be allowed a platform to speak their views.

    These SJW parasites are the supremacist authoritarians themselves. The reality is, judging from their actions over the last 5 years or so, the Daily Stormer are probably saints when compared to SJWs now.

    And once again, companies and businesses just keep caving into these maggots. And yet I was told again the other day that SJWs have no power.

    Tell you what though. If SJWs keep on doing this, they’ll eventually be kicked in the teeth by real white supremacists, because those people appear to be on the rise, and it’s all because of SJWs constantly s*itting on white men everyday. And if that happens, do not expect me to feel any sympathy towards SJWs.

    • “If SJWs keep on doing this, they’ll eventually be kicked in the teeth by real white supremacists, because those people appear to be on the rise, and it’s all because of SJWs constantly s*itting on white men every day. And if that happens, do not expect me to feel any sympathy towards SJWs”

      Oh, I won’t. Nobody won’t. They’ve deserved to get that nice kick in the donkey ever since we’ve seen their actions causing changes to just about anything on what they bitched about.

    • EroBotan

      getting kicked in the teeth is pretty cheap price if you consider that these SJWs are also responsible in causing terror attacks/rapes by moslems, witch hunts to get people fired, people also get sent to prison because of trivial matters thanks to SJW’s blasphemy/hate speech/anti-porn law, false rape accusations in colleges.