Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond The Myth Trailer Highlights Fencer Class
Etrian Odyssey - Fencer

Atlus and Deep Silver have been releasing a series of trailers each week leading up to the release of Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond The Myth for the Nintendo 3DS. The latest trailer for the game focuses on the Fencer class, a sword and shield character that’s playable in the upcoming JRPG.

There are four different looks for the character, including two different designs for the females and two different designs for the males.

You can check out the minute long trailer below.

If you’re not entirely fine with the design of the characters, you can alter the hair color and eye color for the characters before heading into battle.

The the theme of the Fencer class is the ability to dodge attacks and launch devastating and quick counter-strikes.

The trailer isn’t very long, but we get to see how the Fencer can both defend their own self and can also utilize skills to defend their teammates, which undoubtedly comes in hand when facing off against multiple enemies or boss characters.

There’s also a second trailer that was released recently, featuring the Warlock class.

Warlocks also come in a handful of different forms, and they focus mostly on elemental magic, allowing players to unleash fire, ice and lightning magic against foes.

Like most other elemental style casters, the Warlocks use the rock, paper, scissors style approach to unleashing magic and providing counters to other elemental enemies.

One of the benefits of the Warlock over some of the other classes is that they can unleash their attacks from the back row, which is usually where most character classes suffer penalties. Combining them with Fencers would be ideal, given that you could have the Fencers block and dodge incoming attacks while the casters deal damage from the back row.

You can look for Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth to launch in North America for the Nintendo 3DS starting October 17th this fall.


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