F1 2017 Career Mode Trailer Reveals Skill Trees, Race Challenges, Multi-Class Races
F1 2017

Codemasters let loose a brand new career trailer for F1 2017, featuring a look at the more grounded career mode that features a wide variety of choices, management options and developmental upgrades that you can encounter while you play the racing title.

It’s become standard these days to include a story-oriented career mode with a few ups and downs and character development along the way.

In the case of F1 2017 we see that the career mode will feature more than 115 development upgrades through an RPG-style skill tree, all new practice programs to help you hone your skills and develop the precision driving techniques required to win races, along with all new car management and reliability features.

You can get a whiff of the new career with the trailer below.

The car reliability management feature is actually quite in-depth. You can monitor the motor generator unit, the internal combustible engine, along with the super charger, and modify or replace the parts to help you out during a race. The management screen will give you a topographical outlook on the part’s reliability to let you know exactly how long it’s likely going to last you during a race, from a couple of laps to maybe a couple dozen. It’s fairly in-depth and gear heads will likely fall in love with that particular feature.

Alternate track layouts will be present, along with some of the classic Formula One racers from old-school racing days. They mention in the trailer that these classic cars will be integrated organically into the career mode, which should help mix up the variety when it comes to some of the challenges.

Speaking of challenges… they’ve added an Overtake challenge, a Pursuit challenge, a Checkpoint challenge, and Time Attack.

You can also partake in both single class and multi-class races, mixing and matching the different eras and styles of Formula One vehicles in a single race.

You can look for F1 2017 to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC at the end of August. You can scope out a few more details about the game by visiting the official website.


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