Fallout 4 Mods Add Optional Legendary Effects And Cybernetic Body Parts

Three new Fallout 4 mods have appeared on NexusMods and can be downloaded right now. The new mods bring 35 applicable legendary effects, cybernetic body part enhancements and Sim Settlement parts. Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The first mod on this list of Fallout 4 mods comes Captainoob6’s “Legendary Effects.” The mod does exactly what its name implies and brings forth 35 legendary effects for Sole Survivors to mess around with, which each of the 35 effects can be seen below:

  • Adamant – Immunity to stagger
  • Amplifying – 3 x damage at full health
  • Particle Beam – Fires Explosive Lasers
  • Calculating – Slows down time when in combat while not moving
  • Cannonballing – Fires Broadsider projectiles
  • Corrosive – Does Poison DoT and can Melt
  • Covert – 4x Sneak Multiplier
  • Critical – 3x Critical Multiplier
  • Crystallized – Fires Cryolator crystallized projectiles
  • Disarming – 25% chance to disarm
  • Efficient – 100% damage – 50% Fire-rate
  • Electric – Adds DoT and Electric bullet impacts
  • Godmode – Damage x 9999
  • Medicating – Heal you when you deal damage
  • Hellfire – Makes targets flee
  • Inducted – Fires Gauss (suppressor) projectiles
  • IR Sights – Targeting HUD while ADS
  • JHP – All round improvements – No trigger delay for semi-auto
  • Bloatfly’s – Fires bloatfly Larva
  • Minibomb – Fires rockets that release 7 grenades on impact
  • Rocketing – Fires normal dumb-fire rocket
  • Napalming – Adds fire DoT and can incinerate
  • Nuke Missile – Missile explode like a Fatman Shell
  • Plasma Missile – Missile explode like a Plasma Grenade
  • Paralyzing – Chance to paralyze ~25%
  • Parkourer’s – 2x run speed and jump height.
  • Pinpoint – No recoil, pinpoint minimum spread
  • Plasma Seeking – Fires Plasma projectiles that seek targets.
  • Protective – +150 to Ballistic, Energy and Rad resistances
  • Quad shot/ Tri Shot – You can have a guess for these two.
  • Railgun – 10x Damage, 1 ammo capacity
  • Scrupulous – ???
  • Sniper – 3x damage, lowers your resistances
  • Telekinetic – Fires Lorenzo’s telekinesis thingies
  • Tesla – Fires Tesla rifle projectiles, will arc to nearby targets.
  • Venom – Give poison DoT
  • Fragmented – Explosive + Wounding
  • Grenadier – Can fire Frag, Nuka and Plasma grenades

You can either watch a video by Captainoob showing how the mod works or you can download it over on NexusMods.

The next mod by Powerkillera brings forth EXALTA Cybernetics that happens to be invisible, weightless, and valueless armor piece that takes up no armor slots to be crafted at the Chem Workbench.

In addition to the above, the EXALT Cybernetic Unit can be altered at the Armor Workbench to add a Physiological Allowance, which increases the value of your base Endurance. Physiological Allowance adds an equivalent number of slots which can be filled with a list of cybernetic implants:

  • Hypertrophy Accelerator
  • Optics Enhancer
  • Nociception Regulator
  • Empathy Synthesizer
  • Logic Co-Processor
  • Reflex Booster
  • Probability Calculator
  • NEMEAN Sub-dermal Armor
  • PHEONIX Monocyte Breeder
  • Contaminant Filters
  • Recon Scanner Interface
  • Load Bearing Actuators
  • Muscle Twitch Stabilizer
  • Skeletal Weave Lacing
  • Wired Reflexes
  • Kinetic Fall Dampener
  • Emergency Reaction Enhancer
  • Magnetic Inversion Interlacing
  • Optic Weave Camouflage
  • Stimpak Auto-Injector Rig
  • Subcutaneous Tesla Electrodes

The 21 enhancements (listed above) can be downloaded in an all-in-one package over on NexusMods.

The last mod brings more Sim Settlement parts to the wasteland. These new parts come in by modder Brian841, who happens to bring five new places as residential homes that stand to resemble doctor and mechanic offices. The mod is up for download by hitting up NexusMods.

Fallout 4 is available to play right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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