Fantasy Strike Free Weekend For PC Starts August 11th
(Last Updated On: August 9, 2017)

Fantasy Striker is an upcoming fighting game that is currently in development by Sirlin Games. The fighting game, however, won’t be coming out until January 2018, but gamers will be able to play the game early come August 11th until August 14th. Fantasy Striker is slated to release for PC and PS4 early next year.

Following the recent post on Steam’s coming soon page comes Sirlin Games’ Fantasy Strike free weekend. The newly posted announcement was made an hour ago as of this writing and can be seen below.

The fighting game mixes simplistic mechanics with zoning, close quarters technique, long setups and other styles that come together in a easy to learn but hard to master package. Additionally, all of that will be accessible in the free weekend which is set to start on August 11th and will end on August 14th.

Overall, the full game will feature a wide variety of characters to choose from that wield all sorts of feats. Accompanying said content comes multiple modes for gamers to indulge in like local and world multiplayer, an arcade mode, a full-featured practice mode, and much more.

Controller support spans across Dualshock and Xbox controllers, keyboards and joysticks, which in-game menus and UIs will be optimized to work with named devices.

If you want to see gameplay footage of Fantasy Strike before downloading the free weekend demo, the older trailer by Fantasy Strike’s YouTube channel reveals a nice portion of the game’s mechanics.

Fantasy Strike free weekend demo can be investigated further by heading to the newly posted “free weekend” web portal over on, which sports a 64 and 32-bit version as well as a MacOS version.

Slated to release sometime during January, 2018, additional information on the fighting game known as Fantasy Strike can be found by visiting its Steam page or main site.

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