Fire Pro Wrestling World Kenny Omega, Aleister Black, John Cena Downloads Surface
Fire Pro Wrestling World

Some quality character creations have surfaced for Spike Chunsoft’s Fire Pro Wrestling World, featuring some of the biggest names in the sports entertainment business, including Kenny Omega, Aleister Black and John Cena.

Two of the characters are made by a top notch community content creator NoOneofParticularInterest. There’s Aleister Black and Kenny Omega.

Black is currently making a name for himself in NXT as the undefeated and absolutely devastating striker using his Black Mass spinning heel kick to put opponents away. The design in Fire Pro Wrestling World looks spot on. Black features four different outfits, including the ones from his indie circuit days, along with his full NXT moveset and proper AI settings. You can download Black from over on the Steam Workshop page right now.

Next up on the list is Kenny Omega. He’s designed to look exactly like the real thing, featuring a fully optimized moveset topped out by his One-Winged Angel finisher. His full nelson suplex, tope con giro and two-step knee kick help round out his favorite moves. His main outfit is based on his “Cleaner” gimmick from the Bullet Club, but he has three more outfits from his indie days before becoming one of the biggest stars in the world right now at NJPW. You can download Kenny Omega right now from over on the Steam Workshop page.

Looking for the man you can’t see? Well, Steam content creator da_killah1 has a community creation for Big Match John Cena. The creation sports four outfits including one with t-shirt. If you were peeved about Cena losing to Nakamura, you can get some digital revenge on Cena’s behalf by grabbing the franchise from the Steam Workshop page.

If you want to see what some of these creations look like in action, you can check out the video below from DenkOps from his custom-made tournament.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is available right now in Early Access for PC on Steam.


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