Floor Kids, Inner City Hip-Hop Dancing Game Coming To Nintendo Switch
Floor Kids

Merj Media’s Floor Kids was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a game set in the inner city of an urban environment, featuring eight diverse kids who break-dance their way around town in challenging dance-offs.

Obviously, if you’re not a fan of multiculturalism, the media’s push for diversity, or hip-hop culture, this is probably going to be a hard pass.

The game features music from Canada’s own Eric “Kid Koala” San, who provides the beats for the break-dancing exploits featured in the upcoming Switch title. A minute long trailer rolls through some of the characters you’ll play as along with the music-rhythm gameplay that has been fine-tuned for the Nintendo Switch’s controls. You can check out the trailer below over on the Floor Kids YouTube channel.

You basically take the kids and attempt to out-score your opponent in a series of dance-offs. The game will utilize both HD rumble motion controls and touch-screen controls for when it’s time to play on the go.

You can basically mix and match the moves to uncover new combos and boost up your high-score. You’ll also venture around the urban cityscape both to battle and recruit other players.

It’s a unique new IP for the Nintendo Switch that may or may not find a sizable audience. Given the highly volatile race relations in America, it will be a tough sell for demographics, which could hinder its potential market cap.

Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t really get into the nitty gritty of how the controls actually work and what sort of variety will be available in terms of mixing and matching the combos, but I get the impression it might be similar to Bust-A-Groove from way back on the PlayStation One.

Leading up towards its release, expect to see more trailers and more info for this unique new Nintendo Switch title.


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