Fringe Wars Coming To PS4, Xbox One; New Screenshots Released
Fringe Wars PS4

Oasis Games recently released some new screenshots for the upcoming sci-fi space sim, Fringe Wars. The multiplayer PvP title was one of the featured games at this past year’s ChinaJoy event where it was showcased and highlighted on the stage for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

The company recently released a series of screenshots for the upcoming MOBA title, which is prepping to head into closed beta testing soon on PC. You can check out the shots below.

Customization 8 (alpha)

Customization 7 (alpha)

The first two screenshot show a docked ship where the engine is being replaced. You can see the different engine options available, along with the various other modules that can be swapped out.

Another screenshot showcases a few more modules being implemented onto a ship, including turrets on the wings. You can see the endurance, armor and maneuverability, as the various parts will alter how agile, how tough and how dangerous your ship is during combat.

Customization 6 (alpha)

Customization 5 (alpha)

From a different angle we see that the armor is being swapped around, and there are different armor types available to help your ship withstand more punishment during a fight.

Customization 4 (alpha)

Customization 2 (alpha)

We also get to see a quick shot of one of the corvette class ships in the hangar, offering players a lot more firepower but at the expense of speed and maneuverability.

Customization 1 (alpha)

Oasis Games originally announced Fringe Wars at this year’s E3, during Sony’s press conference. However, the game may have slipped under everyone’s radar due to the fact that so many games were on display at the event.

The 5-on-5 space sim MOBA is scheduled to release first on PC and then presumably later on consoles after they iron out all the kinks.

You can look for more details to arrive for the game leading up to the beta release. For now you’ll have to sit back and enjoy the screenshots that have been made available.


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