Gear.Club Unlimited Is Nintendo Switch’s Answer To Forza Motorsport
Gear Club Unlimited
(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)

Microsoft and Sony are looking to dominate the fall season with Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo Sport and Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport 7, but Switch owners will be left high and dry given that Slightly Mad Studios said that they weren’t supporting the system with Project CARS 2. Well, Microids and Eden Games decided to answer the call from hardcore racing sim fans by announcing that Gear.Club Unlimited will be released on the Nintendo Switch during the fourth quarter of 2017.

The announcement came accompanied with a 46 second teaser trailer showing some in-engine visual effects and a few of the high-end sports cars that gamers will have at their fingertips when playing the upcoming title. Eden Games and Microids are claiming that this is the first real racing sim for the Nintendo Switch.

You can check out the trailer below.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see any actual in-game play. A real shame because first impressions mean a lot.

Nevertheless, what little was on display was enough to satiate the appetite of hardcore racing sim fans desperately seeking out something more substantial play on their Nintendo Switch. Other than some casual games and futuristic racers, there isn’t much available on the Switch in terms of racing simulators. Eden Games hopes to change that around with Gear.Club Unlimited.

The press release doesn’t dive into much of the game’s actual features or gameplay, but they do mention that it will feature a roster of “prestigious cars” from various recognized brands, and there will be championship matches to compete in, time trials, and both solo and multiplayer modes.

Additionally, the press release hinted at the ability to customize both the appearance and the performance of the vehicles, allowing players to make changes and tweaks to their ride.

Gear.Club Unlimited is scheduled to launch at the end of the year for the Nintendo Switch. A stripped down version of the game is also currently available on Android devices.

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  • Galbador

    And people say “The Switch has no games lolz!”
    Sometimes, I really wonder how old those people are and how much research they do for their “comments”.

    • Ehhh, to be fair… I don’t know if this is the sort of game worth parading around yet in regards to the Switch “having games”.

      • Galbador

        To be fair, the Switch has the same problems as the PS4 or the Xbox One had at their start; almost no freaking games. But strangely, I never heard other say “Boi, da Xbox One an’ PS4 have no gaimez!” Don’t get wrong, I have all three of them, and I have games to play with. If a console has games, the argument of “having no games” is incorrect.

        • I’ve seen some people (even to this day) saying the Xbox and PS4 have no games. It’s not as prevalent as with the Switch, but it’s still fairly evident in some communities. I can’t say they’re wrong either. Most of the notable games on either console are also on PC.

          • Galbador

            The whole console war is stupid, but somehow, people can’t stop. It is this “my shovel is bigger than yours” argument, it really needs to stop. If those companies can be good buddies, why can’t gamers? The answer, people are idiots.

  • Mr.Towel


    I’m very iffy about this. Gear.Club is a frigging mobile franchise. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself but… they already say their mobile games are “realistic driving experiences” when it’s obviously not. How much of this “real racing sim” isn’t as much bullshitting as claiming their mobile titles are “realistic driving experiences”?

    The track they showed in this teaser is not akin to a simulator at all. I don’t think it will be on the same league as Forza or GT. Maybe it will be a Forza Horizon on a tight budget, but I don’t think it will be a sim.

  • anopolis

    ohh…man….mobile games are never an answer.