Harmful Opinions Permanently Banned From Twitter
Harmful Opinions Banned
(Last Updated On: August 22, 2017)

Harmful Opinions is yet another outspoken free-thought herald who has been permanently banned from Twitter. Originally his account was suspended from the social media service on August 19th, 2017. However, after attempting to reach out and contact Twitter about the issue, he was greeted with a reply that his account was not being restored and that it was permanently suspended, thus permanently banning him from ever reaching his audience again on Twitter using that account.

Harmful Opinions recently posted up a minute and a half long video about the ordeal on his YouTube channel on August 22nd, 2017. You can view the video below.

For the the hearing impaired, he explains…

“As some of you may know, I was recently suspended from Twitter. Well, I appealed the decision and it turns out the suspension is permanent. In my day, we called that a ban.


“So what was I banned for? I was expecting it to be “Hate Speech”, but nope… [it was] “Targeted Abuse”.

He asks “Of who?” but he was not given a reply by Twitter.

You can view the permanent suspension notice from Twitter in the image below.

This is the exact same message that Sargon of Akkad received when he, too, was also permanently banned from Twitter back on August 14th, 2017.

The news about Harmful Opinion’s ban managed to reach Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame, who actually tweeted out one of Harmful Opinion’s older videos about Twitter banning people for wrongthink… and for having opinions of the current Regressive Left ideology that they deem as being harmful.

Many have been critical of Twitter, Google and Facebook’s politically-driven slants in how the businesses are operated, especially how the politics being promoted and seemingly established across many of these major social media servicest favor Social Justice Warrior ideologies, and the stifling of free speech and free thought.

Twitter’s ramping up of censoring people who criticize the current sociopolitical landscape is not new, however. The company openly announced that they would be shadowbanning people, and instituting stricter measures to throttle accounts that they classified as “hate speech”.

Google has also been increasing their efforts to censor users through content deterrents by demonetizing channels, and blacklisting accounts. They’ve been extending their blacklisting measures from politically-oriented content to general entertainment content as well.

Google has also stepped up their efforts to completely silence and wipe out individuals from even existing on the internet, which happened recently when a statistics professor at Columbia and Georgetown named Salil Mehta had all of his Google accounts completely removed, including his e-mail accounts. According to Zerohedge, Google has refused to restore his accounts on the grounds that he violated their terms of service, but didn’t indicate how.

In the case of Harmful Opinions, he still has his YouTube account (for now), and still provides regular updates for his followers and subscribers.

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  • Computing Forever on censorship in the UK, but it pretty much applies to most Western countries. The interesting part of the video is where Dave Cullen (Computing Forever) talks about how PayPal have publicly kowtowed to SJW policies which has caused some of his PayPal financial services to get banned… but after Anti-SJWs bombarded PayPal with complaints and cancelling of their PayPal accounts (due to them adopting SJW policies), PayPal quickly reversed their decision and reinstated Cullen’s PayPal account services.

    This once again, shows that being loud, aggressive and attacking in significant numbers DOES work against SJW companies who do s*itty things.

    Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngSrPugzw-8

  • “We are told by Republican types, “oh you know wait long enough, then things will adjust themselves”. But it’s not happening. And as a result of this hands-off, blind adherence to free market principles and when it comes to free speech, conservatives and libertarians have lost the academy, lost Hollywood, lost the media, and lost the tech industry. We have to stop putting guard rails in place for ourselves.” – Milo Yiannopoulos

  • Alistair

    Like other cases I think harmful opinions and Sargon of Akkad got a good case by Violated their human rights regarding free speech again.

    What consider a hate speech. Hurting the left Fucking Fees fees isn’t a good valid excuse.

    I want heads to rolled from the left side too then. Because they been spreading hate speech against gamers over the fucking years and these fucking pussise knows it.

    by all means screencap this very comment as you can see there not thing wrong with it.

    Unless you want to spin my 3 F bombs to your pathetic cause. 😛

    • ThyPancakeConsumed


  • Sameer Rizvi

    He is on Gad.ai tho. Sargon & vee just joined too.

  • And as usual, not enough people will care to make a difference.

    Like EroBotan said, Twitter can be killed if they ban Donald Trump. Which fits in with the cancerous concept that people only care if it affects them or affects the people they care about.

    Most Donald Trump supporters do not give a s*it about GamerGate or some tits being censored in a video game.

  • I don’t use Twitter. It’s always nice of them to remind me why, though.

  • Funny how Twitter leave accounts like ISIS alone while banning those for wrong thinking…

  • EroBotan

    they should ban Donald Trump. That should kill twitter.

    • Disqusted

      I was thinking the other day that Donald Trump probably intentionally Tweets on there to piss them off, because he knows they all hate his guts and don’t want him on their platform.

      • EroBotan

        seems everything moves according his plan XD

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      Trump is lvl 1337 troll, he will find way to get banned on twater.

      • EroBotan

        i hope so, that will speed up the process of replacing twitter. I can’t wait the mass migration it will trigger lol

  • mikebrand83

    “You’re permanently suspended for targeted abuse.”

    Translation: “We’re abusing our powers to target you.”

    … Meanwhile, the accounts of terrorist affiliates, pedos rings, violent anarcho-commies, as well as SJWs that actually direct targeted abuse and harassment at innocent people, are somehow left alone by Twitter.

    • Keystone

      That’s going to come back and bite their asses off, I have no doubt. May not happen as fast as it probably should, but it will happen at some point.

      Just like all these anti-GG pricks are now slowly, one by one, getting revealed and/or prosecuted as actual pedophiles and sexual abusers after years of calling innocent gamers “misogynists” and other such projecting bullshit.

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    War continues, still unknown how long until it becomes full blown armed conflict.

    • Disqusted

      All according to keikaku.

      • ThyPancakeConsumed

        I dont read or visit that website.

        • Disqusted

          No idea what you mean. Just using a bad anime sub reference to describe the ongoing intended escalation.

          It’s pretty obvious they are trying to drive people insane by repeatedly poking everyone with burning hot irons.

          • ThyPancakeConsumed

            Yeah and i didn’t catch reference because i am not anime fan and keikaku sounded like kotaku which is utter man hating shit.

            You also forgot repeating lies, because if lie is repeated enough it becomes truth.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, I was going to say that around here somewhere. Repeat the lie enough and people believe it. Doesn’t work on me though. I don’t care if 10 billion people believe bullshit, it’s still bullshit to me.

            Was too lazy to post the meme image, sorry. Did it a few days ago in another comment around here somewhere.
            Here’s a link to explaining it, if you’re curious:

            Basically, some weirdos who sub anime sometimes leave easily translatable words in Japanese because they think it’s cool or whatever, and it ends up being sad and cringeworthy. I didn’t even watch that anime myself, just thought it was a funny reference.

          • ThyPancakeConsumed

            Now i get it thanks. Stay on keikaku.

          • Disqusted

            Ryoukai! (ryoukai means roger).

          • ロマー字が禁止!

          • Disqusted

            It was necessary for accurate representation of cringeworthiness.

  • durka durka

    Ok, there seriously needs to be a new law to fight this, you cant have a monopoly and ban people for no reason.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      Law? With feminists and social justice wankers having politicians and lawmen by their dicks, its not happening. Prepare for war.
      Edit: real war with guns and nukes i meant.

    • Disqusted

      I wish there were laws that dealt with unfair treatment and blatant falsehoods/misinformation, but I think laws are mostly there to keep the general populace in check, and protect the people in power.

      You know, to stop other people using the same exploits they did to get ahead of everyone else. That’s the impression I get.

      And then there are problems like, people failing to apply the law consistently, or too literally, as well as interpretation issues, and failure to adapt to unforeseen changing circumstances, etc, etc.

      So I don’t have much confidence in “the law”.

      • ThyPancakeConsumed

        Law is to keep men down while the man does everything it wants.

    • totenglocke

      The phone companies, ISPs, etc cannot ban you from using methods of communication. If Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc want to have monopolies on forms of communication, then they have to be subjected to the same rules.

    • No, they do have a reason. It’s “hate speech”, remember?

  • VersVlees

    Well Harmful Opinions can always get a account on candid

    • Disqusted

      I wish he’d change his name to HelpfulSuggestions. For laughs. It’d probably be enough to get around their stupid automatic censorship, too. I’m thinking of Google’s toxicity percentage system.

      By the way, is anyone else seeing how they are intentionally herding and lumping all undesirables into the same heap, at places like Gab.AI and then labelling the entire platform as “far right” or whatever?

      • VersVlees

        To be fair it was only a matter of time before he would be banned because, his posting was hurting to many feefees for Twitter’s taste.

        • Disqusted

          Twitter has to be one of the most sensitive platforms in the world. No shortage of people there getting offended and crying like babies over virtually nothing.

          • VersVlees

            If he was banned for targeted abuse like Sargon, could this been the work of weird hair coloured women on Twitters “safety and thrust council” pulling some strings to swing the ban hammer?

          • Disqusted

            “Targeted abuse” is so ridiculously vague. It could easily be the paranoid subjective delusions of an attention seeker. Platforms leaping to sic everyone who offends the mentally ill is undoubtedly a recipe for destruction.

            I think it’s also very much a matter of the platform selectively deciding who to punish. I don’t trust people to consistently judge fairly. I’ve been undeservedly f**ked so many times, and yet I was almost always the one who got punished, despite being the victim.

            There’s no way a biased piece of shit like Twitter is gonna apply their rules fairly. At least, I don’t see it. They also partner with harassment groups, referring to them as anti-harassment groups, so that puts a big fat f**king damper on what little credibility they have left.

          • Disqusted

            By the way, I like this particular post on Harmful’s Gab.AI

            Harmful Opinions·@HarmfulOpinions
            9 hours
            People need to stop slut shaming Joss Whedon.

            He also looks nothing like I imagined. He needs a Gavin McInnes style moustache, or something.

          • totenglocke

            A few weeks ago, I got a 12 hour ban on Twitter for simply saying that “agender” isn’t a real thing.

          • Disqusted

            Glad I only use Twitter for minor “business-ish” interactions, like announcements. It just seems like the worst platform for any kind of other meaningful communication. Especially with all the babies on there.

          • ThyPancakeConsumed

            You fight the power brotha.

          • Ezguerila

            I though tumblr was most sensitive but I have’t used twitter or facebook for over 5 years and never used tumblr except getting laughs sometimes from idiotic gender/sexuality/sjw/feminist ideas they have there so what do I know

          • Disqusted

            To be honest, Tumblr came to mind when I was commenting on that stuff earlier. Although I wouldn’t know because I stay the f**k away from Tumblr.

  • Disqusted

    Thanks for the writeup. I just saw more Google f**kery on Reddit. They’re going all-in on the Sorosmongering. Kinda saw that coming when they hired the most evil, toxic and mentally insane demons in the entire galaxy as advisors.

    “Google removes Jefferson Davis’ political party even though Wikipedia correctly lists him as a Democrat”

    “Google Doubles Down on Purging Conservative Speech”

    No idea how reliable Breitbart is. I’ve heard people refer to them as “far right” crazies or something, but literally everything except the likes of extremists such as SJWs and Antifa are considered “far right” now, so I’ve no idea what that actually means. Even the local news on television seems to refer to everything as “far right”, and never seems to describe anything as “left”.

    They do have a Bannon fidget spinner, which is pretty f’n weird if you ask me.

    Update on the statistics professor. They folded and restored his shit:

    So far we’ve had two public internet identity erasure situations. Imagine how many people they are wiping quietly. People who can’t speak up. Again, not really surprising if you look at the histories and social connections of the Google and YouTube CEOs, Schmidt and Wocictcickzz.

    Maybe they are intentionally wiping public figures occasionally, and then restoring them, to make it look like they aren’t just wiping people completely? While behind the scenes regular people are getting f**ked over. If anyone asks, they can say “No, look at these public figures we restored!”

    • Disqusted

      By the way, if you like funny horror playthroughs, I recommend his Alien Isolation video. Enjoy a grown man barking in fear.

      Better watch it before YouTube deletes everything.

      • descent3031

        This is amazing!
        Seriously, following the twitter blacklist is a great way to find entertaining content.

        • Disqusted

          Haha. That’s because SJWs hate entertainment.

    • Disqusted

      Hijacking my comment to spread info about more Google insanity that I just saw on one of Sargon’s video’s comments, posted by a Hispanic guy named Rabidcolombian1.

      Type these words into Google images and enjoy the active erasure of white people from the internet:
      American inventors
      White couple
      Happy American couple
      European history
      White women with children
      European people art
      White man and white woman

      • ThyPancakeConsumed

        I just googled all those (first time i used it since i moved to duckduckroll) and that’s some fucked up shit.

      • Type these words into Google images and enjoy the propaganda:

        It’s because of the sources. Remember, Google tags images based on the alt tags and the articles they’re attached to.

        For instance, this image here…

        …is attached to this link here…

        Essentially, the more people keep sharing and spreading “white couple” and “white people” while mixing them with images of blacks/hispanics/indians, Google is going to keep coupling the terms “white” with whatever is most popular on the search engine, which happens to be people comparing white terms with black people in the images. It turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        For instance, another idiot who made a thread on Reddit with the term “white couple” linked to Gawker’s article that contains an image of a “progressive” couple.


        The image was part of the this Reddit thread… again…


        People complaining about those search terms are screwing them up by circle-jerking them back into the search feeds.

        A bunch of those images are also used in clickbait SJW articles about mixed couples.

        So the oscillating ouroboros of idiocy will just keep going on and on, until “white people” on Google Images will literally just be filled with black people, because idiots keep linking the term “white people” with images from Gawker and co., featuring mixed couples and black people.

        This is one of the few times where human stupidity is doing Google’s job for them.

        • Disqusted

          Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering about that, because I know The_Donald on Reddit likes to manipulate image search results to do stuff like make a side of beef show up first for Hillary.

          I just couldn’t imagine how searching for white people would make black people show up.

          • Feli Aslan

            Its kinda strange, really. Like for example if you google parents as a neutral term, you have a by far bigger majority of white people. The term “Mother” on google images is so fucking white that even I find it kinda creepy. Couple, rather white. German History has by far less Nazi pics you would expect.

            I say, as long as we get some creepy rapist while looking for Djihadi and awesome Warriors when we imagesearch Crusader, its not tooo bad.