Harmful Opinions Permanently Banned From Twitter

Harmful Opinions Banned

Harmful Opinions is yet another outspoken free-thought herald who has been permanently banned from Twitter. Originally his account was suspended from the social media service on August 19th, 2017. However, after attempting to reach out and contact Twitter about the issue, he was greeted with a reply that his account was not being restored and that it was permanently suspended, thus permanently banning him from ever reaching his audience again on Twitter using that account.

Harmful Opinions recently posted up a minute and a half long video about the ordeal on his YouTube channel on August 22nd, 2017. You can view the video below.

For the the hearing impaired, he explains…

“As some of you may know, I was recently suspended from Twitter. Well, I appealed the decision and it turns out the suspension is permanent. In my day, we called that a ban.


“So what was I banned for? I was expecting it to be “Hate Speech”, but nope… [it was] “Targeted Abuse”.

He asks “Of who?” but he was not given a reply by Twitter.

You can view the permanent suspension notice from Twitter in the image below.

This is the exact same message that Sargon of Akkad received when he, too, was also permanently banned from Twitter back on August 14th, 2017.

The news about Harmful Opinion’s ban managed to reach Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame, who actually tweeted out one of Harmful Opinion’s older videos about Twitter banning people for wrongthink… and for having opinions of the current Regressive Left ideology that they deem as being harmful.

Many have been critical of Twitter, Google and Facebook’s politically-driven slants in how the businesses are operated, especially how the politics being promoted and seemingly established across many of these major social media servicest favor Social Justice Warrior ideologies, and the stifling of free speech and free thought.

Twitter’s ramping up of censoring people who criticize the current sociopolitical landscape is not new, however. The company openly announced that they would be shadowbanning people, and instituting stricter measures to throttle accounts that they classified as “hate speech”.

Google has also been increasing their efforts to censor users through content deterrents by demonetizing channels, and blacklisting accounts. They’ve been extending their blacklisting measures from politically-oriented content to general entertainment content as well.

Google has also stepped up their efforts to completely silence and wipe out individuals from even existing on the internet, which happened recently when a statistics professor at Columbia and Georgetown named Salil Mehta had all of his Google accounts completely removed, including his e-mail accounts. According to Zerohedge, Google has refused to restore his accounts on the grounds that he violated their terms of service, but didn’t indicate how.

In the case of Harmful Opinions, he still has his YouTube account (for now), and still provides regular updates for his followers and subscribers.