Hell Let Loose Reveals M1 Garand, Kar98K And German Howitzer

Game developer Black Matter is developing a PC exclusive game that is running on the Unreal Engine 4 and goes by the name of Hell Let Loose. The WW2 first-person shooter game is set to feature 50 Vs. 50 players, realistic weapon degradation, hardcore gore and violence, and destructible environments all set in satellite scanned 4km2 maps. In the most recent update, the M1 Garand, Kar98k and German Howitzer take the spotlight.

Publisher and developer Black Matter just released a new batch of screenshots via Twitter for its World War II game Hell Let Loose. The first-person shooter game will explore other theaters of World War II that includes German, Japanese, Russian, British and U.S. campaigns in a player Vs. player setup. Weapons that will be used to fight other players with in the game consist of the M1 Garand, Kar98k, and Evergreen Howitzer.

First up comes the iconic M1 Garand rifle. The weapon that had General George S. Patton’s approval,  calling “the greatest battle implement ever devised”, will make an unsurprising entry in Hell Let Loose. The tweet showing the formidable weapon and the big brother to the M1 carbine can be seen below.

The true backbone to the German army, a weapon still used to this very day and an outstanding milsurp bolt-action rifle comes the Karabiner 98 kurz. One of the best devised bolt-action rifles in the world will make, again, an unsurprising showing in Hell Let Loose. Two images of the rifle can be seen over on the game’s Facebook page.

The howitzer, nicknamed “Immergrün”, or “Evergreen”, will be able to provide indirect firepower for teammates from a nice safe distance. The weapon is said to be manually ranged, operated, loaded and fired by players. The weapon that will be in Hell Let Loose is a utility that can be applied to controlling the field, while in the right hands.

The three weapons will play a huge role in the upcoming World War II shooter seeing how manual the game is. In other words, since players will have to build supply lines, create spawn points and establish proper garrisons across the battlefield, a highly trained player who is well versed in battlefield tactics can easily rout any attack with the above weaponry.

Furthermore, players who plan on backing the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Hell Let Loose will gain access to the alpha and beta build when Steam Direct comes to fruition. In the meantime, the tweet showing off the M1 Garand reveals that a new gameplay video will surface soon, which you can catch on the devs YouTube channel when it releases.

Lastly, Hell Let Loose alpha and beta will release near the end of 2017 followed by its early 2018 official release. More information on this game can be found over on hellletloose.com.


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