Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 Free Download Available

Hello Neighbor Beta 3

The producers for Hello Neighbor have released a new developer video indicating that Alpha 2 is currently available for free for everyone to download over on the official website, while Beta 3 is available to download for those who pre-purchased the game.

The good news was let loose over on the official website, and was picked up quickly by sites like TechRaptor. If you’re not keen on reading about the updates, a five minute developer video was released covering the changes, which you can check out below.

The video covers the improved AI, making it where the crazy neighbor can now scale multiple floors with ease. They’ve taken some time to improve performance and squash a few performance-debilitating bugs, and they’ve managed to improve a few other facets of the game.

A lot of these changes – especially with an overhaul to the game engine – came at the cost of time. Originally, tinyBuild had plans on getting the game up and out by the end of August. However, feedback indicated that the game needed a lot more quality assurance testing and bug reporting. So instead of launching on August 29th the game has been delayed to December 8th.

For those who pre-purchased the game, this means you’ll be spending a lot more time with Beta 3 than you originally thought.

The good part is that Beta 3 comes with an all new boss fight, along with a new basement to scour. So between now and December, there’s plenty of new things to discover and play around with as the game continues to slowly move through development.

Now if you did not pre-purchase the game, but you still wanted to play-test, you can do so by downloading Hello Neighbor Alpha 2. All you need to do is head to the download page on the Hello Neighbor website.