Hunt Showdown Video Explains How Co-op Survival Horror Is Reinvented
Hunt Showdown
(Last Updated On: August 6, 2017)

A new bit of gameplay for Cyrtek’s upcoming Hunt Showdown has made its way online, featuring some more of the game’s combat, co-op features and meta-game.

YouTuber MathChief posted up the five minute video featuring some of the new content from the first-person survival-horror shooter that you can check out below.

The video developer diary talks about where the game is set and how you can choose to play. They explain how it’s set in Louisiana, and how teams of players can pick and choose how they approach the objectives in the game, either focusing on tracking the monsters in the game or hunting down other players.

The asymmetric nature of the game’s objectives means that you’re not limited to just hunting down monsters, or if you don’t want to engage in PvP… you don’t have to.

The choices that players and teams can make – having multiple objectives and multiple ways of finishing up a run – means that more players have more ways to engage with each other and set their own priorities based on emergent gameplay possibilities.

Hunt Showdown - Louisiana Swamp

In short, the horror experience may not just come from the monsters and zombies roaming around in the late 19th setting. You might have other players trailing you the entire time, looking to ravage you and take your stuff.

There’s also the dynamic environment that works both for NPCs and players – birds that fly away when you get too close, gates and doors that creak, dogs that bark, and lights that shine bright during the dark night. There are a myriad of ways to give away your position, just the same as there are a myriad of ways to conceal your position.

Proximity based binaural sound means that you can hear other players when they’re nearby just the same as they can hear you when you’re close to them. This is both a risk and reward mechanic given that if you get too far away your teammate may not be able to hear you anymore. You could always use Discord or TeamSpeak, but what about when you’re not playing with an actual friend but logged in with a pick-up group?

The natural evolution of the survival-horror genre seems to be in good hands with Crytek, assuming gameplay balance and story mode options are also present.

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  • Fear Me I Am Free

    This looks pretty interesting.

  • Mr.Towel

    I was just talking about this with LurkerJK yesterday.

    It could be fun… if the PvP is not filled with jackasses like those survival MMOs, but I don’t think it would be horror in the least. It will be a FPS shooter with a Halloween skin.

    • I don’t think it would be horror in the least. It will be a FPS shooter with a Halloween skin.

      Well the thing about Hunt Showdown is that if you try to be a jackoff and only player-kill, you have to deal with the other supernatural entities in the area. Giving away your position to other players isn’t your only worry… there are other things that go bump in the night as well.

      In one closed alpha video two guys tried to get the jump on some other guys while using the reeds in the swamp as cover, but once they started firing they attracted some zombies who surrounded them. They had a tough time getting away because the swamp slowed down their movement.

      The risk/reward gameplay here could really change the way a lot of people play if it’s handled properly.

      • Mr.Towel

        Hum… it sure makes gankers think twice before trying anything. This is a nice idea.

        • Yeah I’m keeping my eye on this one. If it really encourages people to play smart, this could be a really tense game to play, as you’ll not only have to watch your back for all manner of monsters, but you’ll have to watch your back for other players as well.