Hyper Drive Set To Hit Steam Early Access This August

Racing fans looking for a simplistic graphical game that challenges knee-jerk reactions might find that in DRUNKEN APES’ Hyper Drive. The indie game that is all about going mach speed is set to hit Steam Early Access sometime in August for PC.

Hyper Drive is a game that has players driving at insane speeds with maps that challenge your reflexes and coordination. The racing game flaunts a simple look while offering a challenge in that maps morph and change when driving through to see how good you are at spontaneous events.

“HYPER DRIVE – The Insane Gravity Race – probably the fastest and most insane racing game you will ever play.”

Hyper Drive not only sports nine fast cars and 16 weird tracks, but it also comes loaded with three different game modes. The first of the three stands to be a Time Attack Mode that sees other players vying for top spot on the Steam leaderboards. The following two sees a new entry called Hyper Mode that calls for you not to die in order to beat the high score, and a basic Practice Mode.

The latest video showing actual gameplay sits below for you to look over, which comes in by indie publisher and developer of Hyper Drive DRUNKEN APES GAMES.

Moreover, the game offers up unconventional routes, shortcuts and secrets throughout each map offering up new discoveries each time a level is fired up. In other words, the devs encourage players to fly and drive off-road by using the gravity “switching vehicle” feature to “cash in cool achievements” for your discoveries.

As noted above, Hyper Drive is set to release sometime this month for Steam Early Access. While fans of said game wait for a specific launch date to arrive, more information can be found on this game by visiting the devs official site wixsite.com or their Twitter account.


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