Hypernova: Escape From Hadea, Colorful Open-World RTS Launches Sept 6th


ActaLogic’s Hypernova: Escape From Hadea, is set for release next week on September 6th for PC. The colorful new RTS title will be available on Steam, and the developers are hoping to change the way people view the RTS genre when the game launches on September 6th.

Instead of being a super-serious, hyper-realistic, or sci-fi military-style game, Hypernova throws players into a vibrant RTS title that combines classic base and resource management with tower-defense style gameplay.

The story is a little complex but easy enough to follow. An alien race known as the Scynthians must leave their home world when a nearby star becomes increasingly unstable. In order to get off the planet of Hadea they’ll need to teleport using an interstellar device. In order to build the device they need rare materials that can only be found on a moon called Haya. However, the moon is inhospitable, dangerous and filled with a toxic, corrosive atmosphere (a bit like an SJW safe space).

The objective is to expand your base on the Haya moon, gather up the resources, build the teleportation device and get all the Scynthians off Hadea. You can check out a near five minute gameplay video of Hypernova below.

As you can see, you’ll need to power up atmosphere purification emitters in order to push back the corrosive toxins and expand your base of operations.

As the atmosphere gets cleaned up, you’ll also have to watch out for enemies who will inevitably attempt to raid your base and destroy your resource mining operation.

The enemies are no pushover, though. They’ll come in fast and hard and in fairly beefy numbers, forcing you to have to act fast, react faster and think ahead in order to deal with the alien menace.

The mix of real-time strategy, goal-oriented resource management, and an extremely expansive tech-tree, it seems like the sort of game RTS fans might enjoy as something that deviates from the typical paradigm.

You can learn more about Hypernova by visiting the Steam store page as it preps for release on September 6th.

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