JCB Pioneer Mars, Construction Sci-Fi Game Set To Enter Steam Early Access August 31st
JCB Pioneer Mars

The Early Access phase of Atomicom’s JCB Pioneer: Mars is set to get underway starting August 31st. Ahead of the launch into Steam’s Early Access, there’s a new trailer that covers the tools of the trade and how to survive in the upcoming sci-fi survival game.

As mentioend by JCB Worldwide marketing director, Michael Plummer, the game isn’t just about survival, but also making use of various vehicles to help traverse the harsh Mars landscape…

“Members of our design team have relished the opportunity to create these futuristic space vehicles. We’re delighted that players will be able to use JCB machinery on the planet Mars before using them on earth.”

The trailer gives you a brief look at some of those vehicles, which you can check out below.

It’s interesting how they talk about what sort of vehicles would be required in order to survive and withstand Mars’ atmosphere and some of the hazardous weather conditions.

They also talk about heavy duty excavators, long range transport vehicles, and other general purpose traversal vehicles. The initial compounds are designed to help players survive the initial Mars environment, but later on the object is to build compounds that will help the colonists survive and grow the human settlements.

The goal of JCB Pioneer: Mars is to mix in the typical survival simulation gameplay that you get from most other games like DayZ or No Man’s Sky, but add in a heavy focus on simulated construction using licensed JCB construction and transportation vehicles.

Throughout Early Access they have plans on adding additional compounds for players to build, additional vehicles to use and new suits to acquire or build for your character.

You can learn more about the game or check out the official website.


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