Ken Follett’s The Pillars Of The Earth Download Available For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Pillars of Earth

Daedalic Entertainment announced that Pillars of Earth is currently available right now on Steam for PC for $29.99, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions are available for $39.99. The interactive game novel launched on Valve’s digital distribution outlet, and it was accompanied by a near two minute launch trailer.

Pillars of Earth is based on Ken Follett’s best-selling book series called Kingsbridge. It originally came out back in 1989, and has been one of many of Follett’s best selling book series.

The story centers around several characters, including Jack, Aliena and Philip, as players must explore the series of events from the book series that allows you to unfold them through your own choices and decisions, resulting in a variety of different scenarios compared to what happened in Follett’s series.

Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth - Monk

The story follows the characters as they attempt to rebuild the town of Kingsbridge amidst the ruinous wrought of war. Pillars of the Earth is told over the course three books, each containing seven chapters. The first book is available right now, which will gain you access to the first even chapters, and the following two books will be made available soon.

You can check out the launch trailer below, giving you an idea of what to expect from the interactive drama.

The 200 hand-painted backgrounds and live 2D-style characters look striking in the way they’re used here. It’s quite a gorgeous looking game.

Much like the Telltale titles, you will be able to influence some of the events and change the fate for some of the characters. They don’t say exactly how long-lasting these events will be or how it all comes together over the course of the three books, but I’m sure once gamers get a taste of it they’ll see for themselves how it all plays out.

You can learn more about Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth by visiting the official website or picking up a digital copy from the respective platform storefronts.

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