Law Mower, Gory Lawnmower Game Launches On Steam
Law Mower

Scoria Studios recently announced that their game Law Mower is currently available for Steam. The pixelated, indie adventure game sees players attempting to travel the world and mow the lawns of everyone’s yard… even when they’re attempting to kill you and blow you to smithereens.

Kevin Lukic, developer of Scoria Studio, mentioned that the game is based on the philosophy of mowing lawns, which is just like a box of chocolates…

“My dad always told me that all lawns are like a box of chocolates.” “You never know what you’re going to get. Regardless, you need to go outside and mow the damn yard.”

Lukic’s old man has some real smarts about him.

The game is about mowing lawns from the suburbs in America, to the military installations of Russia, and every other place in between. It may sound like a simple task, but this is no walk in the park… this is about mowing lawns, son.

Yeah… so as I said, mowing lawns in Law Mower is no walk in the park.

The game is sort of like Pac-Man, turned inside out and dipped in a bowl of gib and gore.

The game features 45 different maps to complete, as you attempt to cut the lawn while dogs hound you down, missiles attempt to blow you up, and soldiers attempt to shoot you dead.

The levels stretch across three distinct episodes:

  • Knee Deep In the Crud
  • The Moors That Smell
  • Thy Grass Exhumed

The objective is to cut the lawn on each stage within the given time limit while also surviving all the crazy stuff happening around you.

In addition to the campaign mode there’s also a variety of multiplayer modes, including a cooperative campaign, a classic mode, deathmatch, capture the flag and domination.

The game also comes with a built-in map editor so you can create your own maps and share them across your own custom made server.

Law Mower is available for $9.99, but you can get it for 15% off during the first week for only $8.49.


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