MarZ Rising, Sci-Fi Strategy Survival Game Enters Early Access This Fall
MarZ Rising

Developer Doorfortyfour consists of just two members: a husband and wife duo. The two have been working on a new independently made strategy game since 2014 called MarZ Rising. The new title is scheduled to release onto Early Access starting sometime this fall.

Set in 2065 duyring the early colonization efforts humans are making to take over Mars, MarZ Rising follows a group of humans attempting to survive and grow a colony base amid the rising tide of the undead.

The single-player story campaign will see players guiding their crew through the process of establishing construction sites, mining resources, fending off zombie invaders, and building towers to take down the undead.

There’s a brief teaser trailer to help give you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming tactical, base management, survival game.

The game seems to have a bit of a Ghost of Mars element to it, as there are secrets to uncover and multiple endings to unlock depending on the choices you make throughout the game.

According to the developers, they’ve already finished 13 of the 20 missions they have planned to appear in the game, and they may add additional content depending on the feedback they receive from the community during Early Access.

The tactical base defense game is currently scheduled to go through Early Access up until 2018. They don’t have an exact release date in mind, but a lot of it will depend on how much they can get finished this fall.

Combining tactical RTS gameplay with fending off a base from zombies seems like a unique approach to the typical genres that usually keep these elements separate. So there’s a fine possibility that DoorFortyFour could easily pick up a decent-sized audience for attempting to do something a bit different.

You can keep track of the development and progress of MarZ Rising by visiting the Steam store page.


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