Mega Man ZX Prequel English Translation Is In The Works
Mega Man ZX Prequel
(Last Updated On: August 18, 2017)

Chinese fan-made game, Mega Man ZX Prequel, is currently undergoing localization by the community for a Japanese and English version of the homebrew game.

The news comes courtesy of Rockman Corner, who is reporting that the current iteration of Mega Man ZX Prequel is available right now, and the project lead, Sousou, is working with the team to get the English and Japanese translations finished so that they can release it with a newer version of the game.

If you don’t mind the Chinese text, you can download the current version of Mega Man ZX Prequel from over on the download page.

If you’re unsure about the freeware fan-game, you can check out a 20 minute preview build below to see how it plays, courtesy of sou sou.

Gameplay wise, it plays very similar to ZX Advent games or any game starring Zero, such as Mega Man X4.

There are two different characters to play here, and you can perform many of the same moves and abilities you’ve become accustomed to in the Mega Man X games or the ZX series before Capcom put the Blue Bomber and his adventures on the shelf.

According to Rockman Corner, the Mega Man ZX Prequel fan-game has a few new unique features all its own, including a light and dark world system, where depending on which world you’re in will determine how infected the enemies are with a virus.

Some gamers are worried that Capcom could end up hitting this fan project with a cease and desist now that it’s climbed up out of the trenches of obscurity, and is boldly walking around in the public view space like one bad mofo.

Hopefully they can finish both the Japanese and English text translations before any C&Ds are sent out, or you can always download the Chinese version and work on your own secret English translation in case it does get axed before they finish.

(Thanks for the news tip Erobotan)

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