Miner Meltdown Graduates From Early Access, Available On Steam For $6.99
Miner Meltdown

Mighty Pebble Games announced that Miner Meltdown, the pixelated 2D action game, has officially graduated from Early Access and is now available on Steam for $6.99. During the first week of being on sale you can actually get the game for 30% off the normal price for only $4.89.

The game originally entered into Early Access back in late February of 2017. The developers have slowly been adding new content, running beta tests on the server infrastructure, and improving stability and performance.

The full launch sees the game receiving 51 brand new achievements, adjustable bot difficulties, a “Crazy King” game type, a new mutant type, and a new Destructo-Duck weapon.

Miner Meltdown could almost best be described as a real-time PvP version of Worms. You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

The game sports traditional 4-vs-4 PvP, a randomly generated map with 100% destructible terrain, and 20 different unique weapons and gadgets to use. There’s also bots for offline and solo play, and of course the online mode for online multiplayer.

The game itself is played by two teams starting off on opposite ends of the mine. The objective is to scavenge for gold, buy new weapons, kill neutral monsters, and take down opposing players. The team with the most points wins the round.

It sounds like a traditional, old-school throwback to the kind of games you would expect to get in a shareware bundle.

It’s a very simplistic design and I can easily see this catching on with younger gamers. I don’t know how much appeal this would hold for people looking for a bit more weight and grit out of their 2D gaming experience, but for people looking for a basic PvP deathmatch title, Miner Meltdown seems like it could satisfy those urges for under $10. You can learn more about the game or check out some of the user reviews by hitting up the Steam store page.


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