Monster Hunter: World Videos Reveal Wildspire And 101 Hunter Tips
(Last Updated On: August 18, 2017)

Capcom has come around with two new trailers dabbling in content for its forthcoming Monster Hunter game that goes by the moniker of Monster Hunter World. The latest videos cover elements of gameplay, a new location and 101 tips for hunters.

You know me, I’m huge fan of all things Monster Hunter and if you happen to be a fan of the series there’s good news for you inasmuch that two new video trailers have surfaced detailing a new location called “Wildspire Waste” and 101 tips for every hunter’s well being.

As revealed first, the Wildspire Waste is described to be a massive wasteland or swamp-like place that happens to be a particular part of the New World. Creatures who inhabit this very area must adapt or die, much like any hunter that sets forth in this unforgiving area.

The trailer contains familiar creatures that will be present in the full version of the game. However other monsters like the Kulu-Ya-Ku — a bird-like creature that is often seen stealing other monster’s eggs — can be caught in the Ancient Forest or the Wildspire Waste.

In addition to the above, which happens to surround that of familiar creatures, the giant Barroth will make a return to the Monster Hunter series via the upcoming rendition and can be found in its territory soaking up mud in search of ants. The creature will still charge anyone or anything that invades its home turf.

Both videos can be viewed below thanks to Monster Hunter YouTube channel.

Monster Hunter: World will be playable at the Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) booth at Gamescom 2017 from August 22nd to August 26th, at PAX West 2017 from September 1st to September 4th, and at Tokyo Game Show 2017 from September 21st to September 24th.

Lastly, the game in question is due to release in the West for PS4 and Xbox One in early 2018, with a PC release to follow later. As for the Japanese version, the game is set to drop only for PS4.

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