Nine Parchments Launches On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC This Holiday
Nine Parchments - Nintendo Switch

Frozenbyte Software announced that Nine Parchments will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, in addition to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, this holiday season. The game received an updated PAX West trailer ahead of its playable demonstration set to go public this weekend, confirming the release window and platforms.

The minute long trailer highlights the game’s isometric, four-player cooperative gameplay. You have a variety of different characters to choose from as they attempt to go on a grand adventure as wizards-in-training, seeking out the nine lost parchments. This includes journeying into dangerous territory and facing off against monstrous foes and deadly enemies. You can get a taste of what the four-player cooperative, isometric, 3D RPG is like with the trailer below.

Like many of Frozenbyte’s other titles, the graphics are absolutely spot-on, featuring some of the latest Unreal Engine particle effects, liquid and fluid simulation, as well as fine use of fantasy-themed aesthetics to really make the environments and locations pop.

We knew that the game was coming to the Switch at some point after it was announced for Nintendo’s system back in May, but now we know that it’s set to release with the other systems this upcoming holiday season.

However, you won’t have to wait until late fall, early winter in order to get your hands on Nine Parchments. Frozenbyte will allow you to get in some game time with the fast-paced, action-oriented adventure this weekend at PAX West between August 31st and September 4th at the Nidies Arcade booth and the Indie Megabooth at the convention center in Seattle, Washington.

Additionally, if you’re planning on venturing to Japan in late September, demonstration booths at the Tokyo Game Show will be on hand as well.


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