No Man’s Sky 1.3 Guide: Tips For Beginners And How To Find Friends

If you happen to be new and looking to find friends in No Man’s Sky Update 1.3, this guide aims to help you. The latest update that Hello Games seeded known as Update 1.3 “Atlas Rises” now stands to be at version 1.31 and is currently playable across PC and PS4.

The first video guide by YouTuber Orbit TV covers quite a bit of basic stuff for beginners to think over and retain in regards to farming, portals, and much more. Before jumping into the video, active timestamps sit below showing what points and tips are listed in the video:

Now that you have an idea as to what can be done in each game mode in No Man’s Sky, below lies a video guide on how to find portals, glyphs and friends in the lite multiplayer introduced in Update 1.3.

To find your friends or other players you must get to a point where you can use the portal system to find them on the planet where they currently reside, after finding a glyph that allows you to input the address that a friend has given you, the other player (or players) will appear as a floating orb. You will not see their Avatar, but the orb will reflect their movements and you can speak to them.

The video showing the above comes in by Xaine’s World.

Changes to some of the features noted above are more than likely to come in the near future seeing how patch 1.31 addresses bugs and crashes. So it’s best to do cross-reference in the future in case something is changed.

Lastly, more information on No Man’s Sky and Update 1.3 can be found over on the game’s official wikia page, which the game itself is available right now for PC and PS4.


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