No Man’s Sky Waking Titan Live Stream Offers More Clues

Following the rumor of a “new story DLC” comes an interactive live stream for Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky Waking Titan project. The alternate reality game (ARG) has prompted for a lot of questions and may be hinting at something far bigger for the upcoming August update. No Man’s Sky is available to play right now for PC and PS4.

The No Man’s Sky community has been active in trying to solve this ongoing algorithm that Hello Games has set up, where it appears as if July and part of early August seem to be prepping fans and gamers alike for something disappointing or something noteworthy.

In addition to the above, what’s a world without enigma? Playing on that comes a new mysterious live stream that is very enigmatic and focuses heavily on cryptic messages, which at one point showed a message that GameSpot posted below.

“The livestream is hosted by the Twitch account Waking Titan–the name of the ARG–and at the time of this writing, it shows a computer set up with the words “Test Scenario Inactive” visible on a monitor.”

Furthermore, the live stream revealed an interactive segment of a hamster named “Mr. Noodle” and goes by a test name of “Subject M-N00-dl35.” You can watch the live stream below via Twitch or read an instructions memo that the team behind the Waking Titan project posted up.

The third update that is rumored to go by the name of “Patch 1.25” or “Update 1.3” seems to be hinting at something big coming to No Man’s sky, however there is no word on what the actual patch/update may bring. Speaking of updates, the first Patch 1.1 went by the name of The Foundation Update and was later followed by the second Patch 1.24 titled The Path Finder. The former added base-building, whilst the latter brought forth the ability to use land vehicles.

If you want more information on the latest events surrounding No Man’s Sky you can hit up its subreddit, or


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