Offensive Combat Redux Is Back And It Brought Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton With It

Offensive Combat Redux

Three Gates and SlapShot Games’ Offensive Combat Redux is set to reappear on the gaming scene again on August 18th, this upcoming Friday. The game will be available on Steam, featuring the same tacky, crude humor and over-the-top characters that were present in the original game.

The game features a buffet of crazy characters, including aliens, chickens, orcs, pirates and meme-inspired skins based on President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The funny part about it is that in the image they have Trump in a “Make [Offensive Combat] Great Again] hat, sporting a Captain America outfit with “DC” on the chest and shield. They’re poking fun at so many different things here it would take a whole article just unfold this origami meme.

Anyway, you can check out the gameplay trailer below, which also doubles as the launch trailer for Offensive Combat Redux.

I remember playing this game many years ago and reporting on it back when it was supposed to be the Call of Duty killer way back when. It was an okay game with decent gameplay mechanics and a lot of wacky taunts and characters.

In this day and age where political correctness has thoroughly trumped our ability to enjoy entertainment without someone in the media guilt-tripping us over it, it will be interesting to see if a game like Offensive Combat: Redux will actually have a place on the market?

Something else worth considering is that a game like this is usually able to establish itself based on how over-the-top it is. Yet if the game has a bunch of sanitized jokes, restrained humor, and absolutely refrains from going knee-deep in the meme swamp, then I can also see it falling flat out of the gate.

Anyway, you can keep track of the title over on the Steam store page if it’s of any interest to you, or you can look for it to launch this upcoming Friday on August 18th.