Open Discussion: August 6th, 2017

Welcome to the August edition of OAG’s Open Discussion series that puts the ball in your hands to say whatever it is that is on your mind. The whole point of this series is to strike up conversations about anything gaming related and/or regarding content that you may have found interesting in other mediums.

Like any other Sunday, today is the one day out of the week where the Open Discussion takes place here on OAG. If you happen to be new and don’t know, the Open Discussion series explores different subjects about anything — but mostly about video games — and allows you to say anything on topic or veer and post up something unrelated to whatever is being discussed.

Whatever happens to be on your mind is more than welcomed to be shared in this series entitled “Open Discussion”. As the name implies, you can openly talk about movies, TV shows, video games or, maybe, something that you are planning on doing and working on right now.

Moreover, I should note that if one of your comments face any form of censorship in that it is removed or blocked, please do let us know so that we can address the situation and restore your comment back to what it was intended to be when it was first posted.

Now, this leads to this week’s topic, which is…. what video game genre would you like to see surface in today’s gaming sphere? The genre can be listed as a favorite of yours, a genre that you think is dying out and wish to see more of during today’s market or a genre you believe is thriving and doing well as of now.

Remember, you don’t have to stay on topic. In other words, if you have found something of interest, whether it be related to video games or another medium, you are free to post it up right here.


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