Peria Chronicles, MMO RPG Closed Beta Slated To Start Mid 2017
(Last Updated On: August 12, 2017)

Just recently, a new “Now Loading” image has been posted to Nexon’s Peria Chronicles Facebook page that now has fans talking about when the alpha or closed beta will appear for the MMORP. ThingSoft noted to drop said builds early-to-mid 2017 for PC.

It has been a while since actual information surfaced detailing Peria Chronicles, but if you happen to have forgotten or you don’t know what the game has to offer, early work-in-progress footage can be seen below thanks to Nexon Official Channel and GameHaunt.

Now that you have an idea what the game has to offer, additional details can be found below on Peria Chronicles thanks to publication site Thisisgame did with Peria Chronicles developer, Thingsoft, back on December 3rd, 2016. One of the many questions by the publication site reads that there is a lot of uncertainties and unexpected situations related to the game, when can gamers expect a release date?

“We already have a lot of props, more than enough to build a village and instances, and it is good enough to start small scale tests. We will start alpha test as soon as possible in 2017, and then start closed beta in the middle of 2017.


Although there are still a lot of difficult situations we need to deal with. Take house as an example. We could just design a house according to the concept art but we have to give players the freedom to build their own house, and we have to separate a house into different parts from wall to door and to windows. This is very different to the current MMOs and sometimes we really get lost in the development.


We use our own engine so we frequently improve it and add new features. That costs us much more time, and no wonder some players think we are not doing anything. We are working hard and we hope to release the game at the end of 2017 or early 2018.”

The end of 2017 or Q4 of this year is set to start not too long from now, meaning that that late 2017 early 2018 official release should receive an accompanying alpha or closed beta soon. Additionally, we just might see one of the two, likely the closed beta, announced sometime in the near future due to Nexon recently posting an image showing “Now Loading” over on Peria ChroniclesFacebook page.

There is no telling if the image above is directly linked to an early playable build of the MMORPG, but given the time frame of its post does, however, suggest that it might be in coalition to a closed beta build announcement to arrive soon given that the closed beta is set for mid 2017.

If this game titled Peria Chronicles seems like something worth following you can visit either its official website or the fan-made site.

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  • PizzaWolf

    A waifu maker? I would like to see more games embrace the Xrd like graphics and have a robust character creator like this game seems to have without the mmorpg.

    • I would like to see more games embrace the Xrd like graphics

      Arc System Works is kind of stingy with their per-pixel rendering pipeline. They had to build a very complex custom shader to achieve that look, and apparently they won’t be sharing it anytime soon.

      I may not like Ninja Theory’s games all that much, but after they built that plugin injector for the Unreal Engine 4 with the help of IKinema, 3Lateral and Cubic Motion to capture real-time facial performance within an active UE4 runtime, they were nice enough to package it up nice and neat and license it out for others to use.

      Nevertheless, it is good to see that the devs of Peria Chronicles are attempting to emulate Arc System’s rendering style.

      • PizzaWolf

        They already did share their methods at GDC 2015 I believe. They achieved the look with softimage XSI and adjusting vertex normals. They may not have revealed all of their secret sauce but they most definitely gave a starting point. I’m quite excited about the future of having 3D tech being brought in to working on improving 2D waifus.

  • Vrenna

    I need this game shoved up my theoretical vagina right now cause I’m feeling hot and tingly!