Pokken Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch Adds Group Mode, Team Battle
Pokken Tournament DX
(Last Updated On: August 26, 2017)

Pokken Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch comes with quite a few new modes and features, including the new Group mode so that you can join up with people you’re familiar with and organize single or team battles. And yes, the Switch version will feature a new 3-on-3 team battle mode that’s a bit similar to how the standard Pokemon games are played on portable devices.

Ahead of the game’s launch on the Nintendo Switch starting September 22nd, Nintendo released a new trailer for Pokken Tournament DX, which outlined that there are a bunch of new playable and support Pokemon joining the fray, including Litten and Popplio. The two Pokemon Sun & Moon alum can be used on the battlefield as support. You can check it out in the trailer below.

Additionally, you’ll be able to play as Scizor, Croagunk, Darkrai, and Empoleon, along with Decidueye.

A separate trailer covers more of the game’s general features instead of just what’s new for the Switch version of the game, where they note that you will have 20 total Pokemon to play in Pokken Tournament DX.

One neat feature is that You can play two-player modes in the game using only one set of Joy-Con controllers. So if you don’t have another set of Joy-Cons you can still battle locally against other players locally by just separating the controllers and sharing them.

I doubt Pokken Tournament DX is going to be a huge seller on the Nintendo Switch, but it fits into Nintendo’s strategy to at least get out one exclusive game a month. At the end of this month there’s going to be Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, so next month they’re going to have Namco’s fighting game filling out the ranks. In October they’ll follow it up with the big gun, Super Mario Odyssey.

Of course, let’s pull it back and see what happens after Pokken Tournament DX launches on the Switch starting September 22nd.

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