Project CARS 2 Includes 10 Different Ferrari Cars
Project CARS 2 Ferrari
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)

Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco announced that there will be 10 different Ferraris added to Project CARS 2 spanning the 80 year history of the luxury sports car brand. The announcement was accompanied by some screenshots and a trailer highlighting the news.

In the press release, Andy Tudor, the creative director at Slightly Mad Studios, explained that the signage also comes with expectations, and they’re aiming to ensure that the physics and handling of the cars are as close to real life as possible, saying…

“But it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. With so much pedigree and expectation, getting the feel of these Ferraris right, in-game, was a massive responsibility for us. Fans and drivers of both Project CARS 2 and Ferrari expect something special, they expect the cars in-game to echo all the hallmarks of what it is to drive some of Maranello’s greatest-ever cars. We can’t wait to get our drivers into these Ferraris and let them experience what we’ve achieved. These cars are truly special.”

Project CARS 2 will include the:

  • Ferrari 330 P4
  • 365 GTB4 Competizione
  • 288 GTO
  • F40 LM
  • F333 SP
  • F50 GT
  • Enzo Ferrari
  • 488 GT3
  • 488 GTE
  • LaFerrari

The cars will be part of the base car line-up in the game, so you won’t have to pay to unlock the cars. You can see what some of them look like in the trailer below courtesy of P1TV.

I really, really miss the old JonZ Movies trailers. Do you remember those? JonZ is the reason Project CARS really gained some widespread appeal in the gaming community. His trailers were sensational, and made the game look otherworldly. The guy had a real eye for angles, and his choice of music was always perfect.

Sometimes taking away the community element can hurt a brand more than help it.

Anyway, Project CARS 2 is due for release on September 22nd for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Mr.Towel

    That must have been expensive. Ferrari is so far up their own asses when it comes to the company’s image…

    And now they’re making a SUV, oh the irony.

    But it’s a good selection, I would be happy with the F40 only, all the others are a nice bonus.

    In other news: it seems what people were speaking GT Sport car models isn’t just hot air. This time Yamauchi himself said it. He’s saying the car models are actually over-specc’ed even for PS4 Pro and they’re spending roughly 6 months on each car, probably multiple parallel teams working in separate cars. He says they’re doing this way so that the cars models can be used in future GT iterations without much revisions. Now the small selection and the whole Sport things makes more sense. I might actually go back to this whole simracing genre again.

    I’ll still wait for the reviews of the game itself though.