PS Plus September 2017 Offerings Continue To Disappoint
PS Plus September 2017
(Last Updated On: August 31, 2017)

Sony tried to win back gamers with the PlayStation Plus offerings in August with high-profile games like Just Cause 3 helping add some weight and importance to the line-up. However, Sony couldn’t keep that momentum going into September, instead opting to give gamers the rather old inFamous: Second Son, which is surrounded by a lot of other non-noteworthy games.

The list of games were rolled out over on the PlayStation Blog. You can check them out below:

  • inFamous: Second Son, PS4
  • Strike Vector Ex, PS4
  • Truck Racer, PS3
  • Handball 2016, PS3
  • We Are Doomed, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)

As an added bonus, Sony has also thrown in RIGS: Mechanized Combat League as a free bonus game between September 5th and November 7th. Of course, the bonus game is only good if you own a PlayStation VR headset. So not only do you have to be a PlayStation Plus Subscriber, but you also have to own a PlayStation VR headset.

Sony used that opportunity to pimp the new lowered price of the headset, which now comes in the bundle pack for $450.

As for the offerings in September for PlayStation Plus subscribers… well, on the YouTube page for the video overview, many gamers have already admitted to owning inFamous: Second Son.

So the only decent game on the list is a game everybody already owns.

Then again, the PS4 doesn’t have many good games anyway, it’s no surprise everyone already owns the only decent game on September’s list of PS Plus games.

Now this is nothing against Strike Vector Ex – it’s a decent game in its own right – but there’s no way anyone can convince me that the other games on the list justify throwing money down the drain every month for the piss-poor privilege of waiting to log into the sometimes barely functioning and DDoS-prone PlayStation Network, and being thrown a pittance of software to compensate for their third-world tier online service. I’m sure there are Angolans eating feces-covered food out of the government-abandoned aqueducts who feel as if they’re getting a better service than PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Anyway, you can look to get the six games above (or seven, if you’re one of the unlucky saps who threw money away on a PlayStation VR headset) once September 1st rolls around.

Also, clearly Microsoft won this round after bombing out in August. The combination of Battlefield 3 and Forza 5 wipes the floor with Sony’s poverty-stricken offerings.

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