Quake Champions Enters Into Early Access On Steam, Bethesda Launcher
Quake Champions Early Access

Did you forget about id Software’s Quake Champions? I sure did. Well, the new arena-based hero shooter from Bethesda has officially entered into Early Access on Steam, along with appearing on Bethesda’s launcher.

The Early Access version of the game follows on “extensive” closed beta sessions that preceded it, and id Software has been working on fixes, changes, upgrades and improvements leading up to the Early Access release.

According to the developers the game consists of a “good chunk” of content, which includes 11 different Champions to play, four different game modes that include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Duel and Sacrifice. There are eight different arena maps in the game, some of which are specifically tailored for the Duel and Sacrifice game modes. They’ve also made microtransactions available in limited quantities for the character customization options.

They don’t exactly have a release date in mind as to how long Quake Champions will be in Early Access, but they’re thinking that a tentative window of early 2018 is sufficient. They state that there’s still a lot to do.

The game at the moment costs $29.99 and the price may increase when the full version is ready. In a world where so many free-to-play shooters exist (except not Ghost in the Shell: First Assault because it’s shutting down this fall) it’s a tough sell to get people to buy a game that’s almost identical to all the other first-person shooters out there. That’s not to mention that there are games like Unreal Tournament or the new old-school-inspired shooter Dusk, which just kind of takes a crap on all these newer arena shooters.

Cliffy B., learned first hand that throwing out yet another arena-style hero shooter doesn’t mean it will sell. So in a market where core gamers are tired of SJWism and casuals can’t be weened off Overwatch, we’ll see how well Quake Champions does.


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