Realms Of Conquest, Strategy Game Set To Hit Steam October 27th

A new strategy simulator game is in the works that sees you collecting, building, customizing, and commanding armies against others in head-to-head battles. Warpforged Games’ Realms of Conquest is set to release for PC via Steam Early Access on October 27th.

Realms of Conquest isn’t the prettiest or most polished indie game set to hit the market, but gamers looking for a turn-based PC war game just might find it in Warpforged Games latest work, where players must collect, build, and organize armies to fight opposing factions.

Additional information on Realms of Conquest can be found below as reflected through its official description and a YouTube video by thepixelsilo:

Realms of Conquest is a turn-based PC Wargame where you collect, build, customize, and command armies playing head-to-head battles online.

The main idea behind the game is that quick fun and action is supposedly to be front and center with no grind methods sprawled throughout. In other words, the game is purely based on battle tactics and not RNG and dices to emerge victorious over your enemy.

Furthermore, the game strikes up an “authentic tabletop” gaming experience by emulating tabletop visual pieces. All of this is said to come together by mixing sounds, visual effects and animations in a way that brings a strategy tabletop feel.

Realms of Conquest also focuses on players creating their own army to suit a specific play style. The ideal of this custom setup is to give players the ability to have an answer to any situation even if taken be surprise.

As noted above, the game’s graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but if you happen to be in search of a turn-based tabletop game that sees a variety of factions battling it out, whether online or offline, Realms of Conquest might be a game worth keeping an eye on.

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