Redeemer: Violence Awakened Brings Intense Brutality To Steam For $14.99
(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

Starting today you can get your hands on Sobaka Studio’s Redeemer: Violence Awakened. The game is an isometric 3D brawler featuring brutal hand-to-hand combat, and uncompromising violence.

Players take on the role of an ex killer named Vasily who has retired from working for one of the top cybernetic weapons manufacturers in the world. His retirement, however, was not something that they sanctioned and after 20 years of searching out Vasily, they managed to track him down at a sanctuary in the mountains where he had taken up refuge as a monk.

Players must unleash fury and rage on the operatives sent to take out Vasily, as his old training kicks back into gear, while also mixing in his new found abilities as a monk. It’s like John Wick if he entered into the 30 chambers of Shaolin Kung-Fu.

You can check out the cool new launch trailer for Redeemer below.

Players will have a mix of melee weapons at their disposal, as well as plenty of projectile-based weaponry as well. You can use axes, hammers, swords, and a wide range of other objects within your environment to inflict pain or cause death on anyone unlucky enough to get in your way.

Additionally, the mixture of melee and firearms combat is not unlike Ruiner or Hotline Miami.

The game also utilizes a disarm and dismember system, where you can brutally detach limbs from baddies, or take whatever they’re holding and use it against other foes.

We don’t get many games quite like this, and the whole kung-fu meets John Wick thematic is pretty neat. Heck, why haven’t we received a John Wick game like this?!

Anyway, Redeemer is only $14.99, so if you’re not quite sure it’s a game you’ll want to invest in, you can always wait for a sale and get it for 50% off. Alternatively, during the first week of its launch it’s already marked down by 15% off, so you can technically get it right now for only $12.74.

You can learn more about Redeemer by visiting the Steam store page.

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