RPG Maker Fes Adds Disgaea, Phantom Brave DLC
RPG Maker Fes Disgaea DLC
(Last Updated On: August 27, 2017)

NIS America announced that RPG Maker Fes’ latest DLC offerings for Nintendo 3DS owners includes characters and assets from Disgaea, Disgaea 5 and Phantom Brave.

The press release indicates that if you’re working on creating your own RPG in RPG Maker Fes on the Nintendo 3DS, you’ll be able to do so with the help of some of NIS America’s other JRPGs.

The DLC update includes sprites, graphic images, enemies, main characters and tiles.

There are four sets of assets included in the DLC pack, including the standard Disgaea pack, which contains chibi sprites for Laharl, Etna and Flonne. There’s the Disgaea 5 pack that comes with Asagi, Seraphina, Usalia, and Killia. The Phantom Brave pack comes with chibi sprites for Ash, Marona and Prinny. And finally, the Prinny pack contains graphics for Prinny Kurtis, Big Sis Prinny, and Hero Prinny.

You’ll be able to use the sprites in a number of different ways, including as enemies, allies, compatriots or protagonists.

As you create your own games and design your own stories, you can see your creations come to life and share them with friends, rivals or family alike.

RPG Maker Fes came out for the Nintendo 3DS back on June 27th. The game didn’t receive the most loving of reviews, but if it’s there if you want it.

Now what Kadokawa and NIS America really need to start working on is a Nintendo Switch version of RPG Maker. A real good hardy version that’s thick and meaty, full of juice and rock solid. That would get gamers talking.

Anyway, the Disgaea DLC pack is available right now for RPG Maker Fes on the Nintendo 3DS. Alternatively, you can get the big dad’s version for $79.99 over on the Steam store with all the bells, tools, and whistles that would make a Visual C++ graphics engineer ten shades of jealous and three degrees of impressed.

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