Ruiner, Hardcore Cyberpunk Game Set For Release On September 26th
Ruiner Release Date

Reikon Games announced that their hardcore, isometric shooter, Ruiner, will be releasing on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One starting September 26th in just one month’s time.

The announcement was made in a Steam post on the game’s Steam page, where it was accompanied by a brand new trailer of the action-oriented hack-and-slash shooting game.

The Polish devs working on the game — few of whom are alum from The Witcher and Dying Light — decided to give gamers a look into the world of Ruiner, which is set in the year 2091 in a cybertropolis called Rengkok, a mix of Bangkok and New York. You can check out the sick new trailer below.

The music is some hardcore, techno, drum’n’bass grunge. I love it.

The trailer showcases some of the villains that you will be facing off against, and some of the kick-butt tools of destruction that you’ll need to wield with stern resolve, sort of like how Donald Trump wields his Twitter account.

You’ll need to hack, slash, blast, and spaz your way through a variety of challenging situations where reflexes and paranoia are your friend, just like Alex Jones taking a morning jog through Seattle.

Based on some of the previous gameplay footage, this game seems to be challenging and difficult enough to make some grown gamers cry, almost in the same way that SJWs shed tears reading sub-tweets from the Daily Caller, or when bikers pop salt when someone starts playing RuPaul’s cover of Liberace’s greatest hits during an annual Hell’s Angels rally.

Ruiner - Psychos

The game seems to be one-part Furi, one part Hotline Miami, and one part Blade Runner, making it one whole delectable pie of violent goodness.

The designs of the characters also can’t be spoken of highly enough.

The cyberpunk armor and getup fit the atmosphere nicely, and the contrast of brightly colored projectile fire and blood splatter gives Ruiner just enough stylish substance to feel as if it’s definitely aiming to be above the threshold of just another grindhouse piece of pulp.

Ruiner - Killers

With an inventive arsenal the likes of which we haven’t seen in ages, especially since various developers seem to have lost the will (and the edge) to embrace the entertaining values of violence and attempt to focus more on trying to go for “artistic commentary” these days. Well, Ruiner seems to keep the latter in check while most definitely embracing the former. It’s almost like they’re attempting to carve out a small niche using a tapestry of baroque cyberpunk imagery while capturing a flair of aberrant and visually stimulating sci-fi violence.

Anyway, Ruiner is set to release on September 26th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and via Steam for PC. Devolver Digital definitely seems like they could be knocking this one clean out of the park, assuming enough people know that it exists.

You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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