Rule With An Iron Fish, Casual RPG Fishing Game Now Available On Steam
Rule With An Iron Fish

We don’t get many fishing games these days. Back when Sega Bass Fishing was a thing the sporting sub-genre was quite popular, giving gamers something unique and fun to engage in. Sierra followed suit with their own Trophy Bass line, and others copied and pasted the concept until it inevitably careened into over-saturation and then became forgotten. Well, there’s a new game in the fishing genre that’s not a sporting competition game nor is it even trying to be realistic. In fact, it aims to be a whimsical and fantastical approach to fishing called Rule With An Iron Fish.

The game just recently launched on the Steam store for $9.99. During the first week of being on sale you can pick up a digital copy for 15% off the normal price for $8.49.

Developer Kestrel Games released the title in hopes of luring in casual gamers looking for something more off-beat and unique than the typical RPGs or typical fishing games you might encounter. Instead of trying to out-bass a competitor in a friendly online competition, you take your pirate and attempt to fish your way up the chain until you develop a budding pirate island filled with NPCs and lots of trophy accomplishments after fishing for and finding unique and mythical underwater sea creatures.

You can see what the game is like with the launch trailer below.

In some ways, it reminds me a bit of Monument Valley meets Sayonara Umihara Kawase.

You go fishing, you find rare specimen, you upgrade your abilities, you acquire a better pirate ship and you travel to different and bizarre biomes, ranging from sky ponds to lava lakes and a few other odd choices in between. There are different levels per biome to help mix up the challenge, and the game proudly boasts featuring a plethora of “scientifically-inaccurate fish”.

You can collect the monstrosities and decorate your house with them, along with a variety of accessories as well.

The game was recently updated to fix a few minor issues and translation hiccups, but otherwise it seems to be a-okay.

This was previously on mobile devices but it’s hard to get your games seen in a market where attention spans move at about 60-apps-per hour.

If Rule With An Iron Fish seems like the kind of zen-casual game to help knock your noggin out of a stressful place, and possibly slip it into something a bit more silky and strange, feel free to check the game out over on the Steam store page.


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