Scorn Gameplay Trailer To Launch With Kickstarter On September 5th

Scorn has been delayed to 2018. There is a reason behind the delay and tagging along with it comes a new gameplay video and Kickstarter set for September 5th. Ebb Software is currently working on Scorn for PC, with console versions set to release much later.

Back on December 3rd, 2014, Ebb Software canceled Scorn’s run on Kickstarter. Fast forward to August 29th, 2017, we have the same development team looking to revamp its Horror-Adventure game through Kickstarter again.

This move by the development team has pushed Scorn’s first-part (originally slated for Q4 2017) to 2018. The reason behind both the Kickstarter and delay was due to the team feeling unhappy with certain aspects of the game. In other words, instead of releasing Scorn in a state that the team was not proud of, Ebb Software just delayed it to better polish the overall game.

You can read the full post explaining the current vision and development on Scorn by hitting up, however some interesting pieces from the update can be read over below:

“We are getting close to completion of Part 1, but we’re not really satisfied with all the aspects of the game.  After much internal deliberation, we decided that it would be the best to try and acquire additional resources, taking more time to polish the game, rather than releasing something we’re not entirely happy with.”

The update goes on to say that…

“The Kickstarter campaign will launch on September the 5th, along with a brand-new gameplay trailer. We immensely appreciate your support, and we have prepared both physical and digital rewards for our backers. To show our gratitude, we are working hard to make a game demo available for all our supporters and give you a first-hand Scorn experience.”

Although the game will be delayed and will release sometime in 2018, the Horror-Adventure game under fixing will soon gain a gameplay trailer on September 5th, followed by a Kickstarter campaign, which if all goes well a playable demo will join the fray too.

While we wait for September 5th to arrive, a new GIF showing concept art is up for your viewing pleasure.

More information on Scorn can be found over on and its FAQ page.


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