Scorn New Trailer Will Drop Soon, Official Website Updated

The works of Rob Bottin, H.R. Geiger, and Zdzisław Beksiński all come together in a sick, twisted world known as Scorn, by Ebb Software. The game once featured on Steam Greenlight will gain a new trailer soon, while the official website has been updated.

I’m sure a lot of you have forgotten about Scorn, right? It’s easy to forget about the game given how low key the developers are with the game, which is actually a good thing. Additionally, gameplay should speak for a game and not so much the developers, meaning that the game should hold enough substance that lures gamers in with interesting content instead of developers saying stuff to court people in.

Sticking to the low key side, Ebb Software took to its Facebook and Twitter page to announce the following:

“We received a lot of messages lately from people asking us about the progress of the game. We’d like to say that project is very much alive and kicking. The team is working hard to make Scorn happen. Furthermore, we will be posting more announcements during the next two weeks, so make sure you check our page and website for updates.”

Speaking of updates, the Twitter post reveals that a newsletter sticky on the front page of Scorn’s website is now visible for gamers to subscribe to for the latest information on the horror-adventure project:

As expected questions about a new trailer surfaced, as seen below.

Furthermore, some art work of a dilapidated, overweight thing that has its internal viscera alling out of it can be seen right here, as part of the update.

The only thing that we know about this game so far is that it will be broken down into a two parts, there well be no DLC, it will be a first-person horror-adventure game with puzzles; weapons will be in the game that have switchable parts, and that it won’t be a walking simulator or a hide and seek game, as detailed on the FAQ.

While we wait for more information on Scorn, you can check out the older teaser trailer below by Ebb Software.


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